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A study by the cloud security company CloudPassage has shown that cloud computing is being used for business-critical applications. It showed that cloud hosting was mostly being deployed for external applications and that such trends were likely to increase next year.

The deployment of internal applications proved to be the second most popular use for public cloud hosting, according to the study. The study, comprised of 200 IT workers showed that 36% used the cloud for things such as HR, CRM and ERP. A further 33% uses the cloud for internal business development as well as testing procedures. Another 29% use the cloud for e-commerce.

Big data showed the greatest degree of growth within cloud computing. Many are planning to use the public cloud environment far more in 2013 than in 2012, especially for big data. The same is true for media hosting deployed in the cloud. According to Roman Stanek, CEO of GoodData, “Big data might very well be the catalyst that will push adoption of public cloud into overdrive.. real-time scalability will be key and a secure cloud will be the enabler.”

Cloud security is one of the major limiting factors for companies wishing to adopt the cloud for the management of sensitive information. These concerns are however being alleviated gradually. Only 23% of those IT professionals questioned were worried about security in the public cloud, and only 8% were worried about provider’s access to servers.

Businesses are coming to the realisation that using the cloud to boost data accessibility and processing requirements whilst ensuring robust security (which is now perfectly feasible) will aid productivity and change the dimensions of their IT structure. CloudPassage stated that “The fact that more organizations are deploying business-critical applications on public cloud infrastructure is a sign that the cloud market is poised for a dramatic uptake in adoption.”

Security is however a serious concern for most businesses, as well as data control and compliance. Compliance issues were the most highly rated in the survey, highlighted by 45% of those questioned. Part of the move towards solving this dilemma will come in the form of placing greater security control responsibilities into the customer’s hands. It is a two-way relationship and companies must do their bit to ensure security too.

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