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At Dreamforce this year we had over 230 developer sessions. With a limited amount of time, or possibly not attending at all, you may have missed these killer breakouts. Internal experts as well as luminaries from the community delivered some amazing content, and below you can get a taste of the cream of the crop in the DevZone in Moscone West.

Developing UI for Any Person, Any Device, Anywhere

Universally designed interfaces work anywhere, on any device, for any user. They’re also future-friendly. i.e., They’re ready for consumption on devices that haven’t even been invented yet. Extend the reach of your app beyond desktop users ... to mobile users, tablet users, disabled users, and more. The best part is that it's not even that hard; it just takes a little knowledge and a little practice. This session will cover common UI patterns developers often misuse, and how they can be modified to be considered universally designed, automatically opening up new revenue streams you didn't even know existed.

Security Best Practices for Mobile Development

In the enterprise, apps need to be secure. A lost or stolen phone or tablet can mean your company data falling into the wrong hands. Join us to explore the security features available on both iOS and Android, learn how app data can be compromised, and receive best practices for the development of secure enterprise apps on both platforms.

What's Hot in the World of JavaScript Frameworks

The popularity and number of JavaScript frameworks for building rich web applications is growing by the day. But how do you know which framework to use, and where to spend your time? Join us to learn about some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, how to get started with them, and when you can use them in building apps on Force.com, Visual Workflow, and Site.com.

Creating a Force.com-Backed Facebook App on Heroku

With close to a billion users, Facebook is becoming the venue for the Social Enterprise's storefront and Heroku is ideally suited to creating applications on the Facebook platform. Join us to learn how to create a Heroku-backed Facebook app directly from within Facebook, using your choice of Ruby, PHP, Java, or Node.js on Heroku, integrating with data and processes in Force.com.

Developing a Real-time Ad Server on Heroku

he SpotU service serves contextually-targeted advertisements for airline passengers, enabling airlines to increase their revenues based on the ability to sell ancillary products such as hotels, rental cars, and tours. Join us and discover how SpotU was implemented on Heroku, leveraging add-ons such as Redis, Resque, and New Relic to analyze the passenger's itinerary, select relevant ads from available campaigns, and respond to the airline system, all in a fraction of a second.

Performance Tuning for Visualforce and Apex

Visualforce and Apex allow developers to extend the Force.com platform and build custom applications. There are, however, some common themes in customer implementations that can adversely affect performance. Join us to learn best practices and debugging techniques for tuning performance of your Apex and Visualforce code.

Test Driven Development Fundamentals on Force.com

Achieving 75% test coverage for your Force.com code is just the beginning. Join us to learn about the factors for writing good unit tests and how to develop tests from your requirements. Using the classic bowling kata exercise, you'll see step-by-step how functional testing enables you to catch failures, correct 'em, and roll a perfect game of 100% test coverage. Learn how Test Drive Development (TDD) can make you a more effective Force.com developer.

Advanced Asynchronous Apex

Are you overwhelmed with the different options available for asynchronous programming in Apex? This session will help you know when and how to use Batch Apex, Scheduled Apex, and @future processing. We will go behind the scenes and discuss the infrastructure that supports the different options. Join us to learn the benefits of each of these powerful tools, and you will become confident in utilizing them to expand the capabilities of your cloud application.

JavaScript Patterns and Practices from the Salesforce Experts

Interested in learning more about how to write high quality, well designed, and fast performing JavaScript? Come learn from the top JavaScript developers at Salesforce as we share tips and best practices from our 11 years of developing UI for a world class product that serves thousands of customers a day. In this technically oriented session, we'll explore the facets of good design patterns, test automation, and performance. We'll also cover the essential elements of universal design, optimizing for mobile browsers, and how to leverage HTML5/CSS3 while still maintaining backwards compatibility for older browsers. Along the way, we'll share the lessons we've learned in how to architect JavaScript for our UI, and why we made our design decisions. Whether you're writing JavaScript for Visualforce, or for another web application, or just curious about how we do things "behind the curtain" this is the session for you.

Apex Nirvana - Embracing Governor Limits

For many Apex developers, especially those coming from other languages, Apex governor limits can sometimes be challenging to understand and code against, but it doesn't have to be that way. Join us to learn to embrace limits, to factor them into every design you create, and how to trade off one against the other. You'll find what the experts know - that governor limits help you to write better and more efficient code, that today's limits already support large and complex operations, and that even when they don't, there are usually ways to work around the issue to accomplish virtually any task.

The Dreamforce 2012 Developer Experience in the DevZone

These sessions along with all of the other breakout sessions, keynotes, hands-on workshops, unconference, mini-hacks, and more made this the most exciting DevZone to date. If you were unable to attend, or can't wait to go back, check out this short video highlighting the DevZone experience.

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