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Original Post From Sharon Hurley Hall

What does business agility mean for your midsize business? You might have heard of "agile development." This term describes a development process focused on users, responding quickly to change, and delivering products quickly. This Midsize Insider article on agile development gives more detail. While agile development originated in the software world, the qualities of this process are useful for any business. Here are some of the ways your business can be agile.

Collaborative Development

An agile business responds quickly to changes in the market, adapting products and services when necessary. This usually means replacing cumbersome planning and development processes with systems where all stakeholders can participate in making business improvements. The less bureaucratic an organization is, the easier it will be for it to be responsive. An agile business values collaboration over hierarchies. Project managers serve as team facilitators, while team members can decide on the best way to achieve their goals.

Quick Product Release

Business agility also means releasing products and services quickly, even if all the features are not complete. As long as the product is functional, then businesses can get to market fast and collect feedback from customers to guide future improvements. Agile businesses release, monitor, and adapt products and services in a constant cycle. The benefit of this is reaching the market before the competition.

What You Need to Be Agile

Before you can create the right products and services for your market you need to know what they are. That's where business analytics and business intelligence come in. It's now easier than ever to find data on customer preferences. Every time your customers visit your website, search for your company online, use the content you provide, or mention you on social media, they provide information that can help you to give them a better service. The only issue for businesses is how to collect and analyze this constant stream of data so they can respond quickly to issues raised and see when a business opportunity arises.

That's where business agility solutions can help. These help businesses reach their customers where they are, creating products and services that leverage the cloud-based, social and mobile trends. IT administrators can use these solutions to create mobile applications, ensure data and device security, and to enable businesses to transform their operations with enhanced innovation and productivity. This flexibility is key to sustained growth and profitability as the market continues to evolve.

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