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Enterprise Cloud in the News


Research from Host Analytics and Dimensional Research reveal IT is spending significantly for cloud computing services. And CIOs are practicing what they preach, as IT departments outpace all other business units in cloud adoption, according to an article on CIO.com

Cloud technology surveys - which either impart widespread corporate cloud adoption or give warning to the over-exuberant - are relatively common in IT, frequently separated only by minor distinctions. What differentiates the various studies, however, is what motivated the research in the first place and what are the authors trying to confirm (or dispel), according to CIO.com.

Such is the case with a new body of research - underwritten by Host Analytics and mined this past May from Web-based interviews with 348 CIOs and IT professionals by Dimensional Research:

"The findings suggest a heightened optimism by CIOs concerning the value and benefits of cloud technology. Indeed, chief among Dimensional's results is the assertion by 92 percent of CIOs and IT professionals participating in the survey that cloud technology is good for business, with 67 percent contending that it helps deliver better systems for less money. Such is CIOs' rising enthusiasm for the cloud that it outstrips even that of their IT staff, as 81 percent of IT managers believe the cloud presents a business benefit."

To Cloud or Not to Cloud?
IBM's John Walsh had a recent post on Wired's Cloudline blog that takes on the important decision to implement cloud technology within a fully functioning IT infrastructure.

"When I discuss cloud with clients, certain questions arise. One of the main questions is: why would a large organization with a fully functioning IT infrastructure, that delivers services, and enables that business to compete in its chosen sector, choose to introduce a disruptive technology like cloud?" asks Walsh, who promotes cloud-based services in the UK.

Cloud services, he says, bring up several questions, such as will it improve what we do today, will we get a better service, will we become more agile as a business, will we be able to compete better in our chosen market and can we turn this project into real profits for our business and share holders?

One barrier to implementing a cloud system is an IT department's instinctive reaction to want to run everything on its own.

"In my view, this way is presently the biggest barrier to wide scale cloud usage. The embattled IT managers and departments will no doubt be ready for a fight to keep as much of the infrastructure as possible under their control; they have been doing this for years and will take on all comers, as the battle to move to externally provided services intensifies."

Red Hat Announces List of Storage, Cloud-Related Software
With numerous research studies pointing out that hybrid clouds - cloud systems that combine public subscription services and make them available within a fire-walled private cloud and attach to local storage - are the favored way to go at this point, Red Hat now can have more conversations with storage admins, according to an article on eWEEK.com.

With this in mind, Red Hat unveiled numerous new software products that allow enterprises to deploy and manage open-source-based hybrid clouds.

The primary new release is Red Hat Storage Server 2.0 for commodity-type x86 machines. This is optimized to manage unstructured data, such as documents, spread sheets, video, audio and other non-databased content.

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