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CEBU CITY -- A serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, who is also a proud Filipino, allayed fears on Thursday that cloud computing threatens corporate security, saying it’s more solid than non-cloud environment.

Cloud computing is currently considered as one of the most significant shifts in information technology, promising cost-efficient applications and data that the public can use from the Internet like Facebook and Twitter.

Winston Damarillo, CEO and co-founder of Morphlabs, a company built in Cebu, said “it’s no less secured than the servers you store in your closet.”

“It’s not a threat to security. People are just scared because it's got the ability to massively fail. If you have one server that breaks, nobody notices it. But if you have an entire cloud computing environment, which breaks, like Amazon, then it affects a lot of people. So people worry about that, but on the average, if you look at what they call service level agreement, cloud computing is more solid than non-cloud environment,” he told Sun.Star.

He said with cloud computing, people will only pay for what they need.

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“Cloud computing is like power, you have a 220 volts plug, and you only pay for what your appliance use…It saves a lot of money, in terms of power, and it reduces the number of computers you'll gonna need…It makes the application easy to use,” he said.

Damarillo believes that cloud computing will soon become the most prevalent infrastructure. “We’ll soon forget that there are servers at all. We’ll expect applications to be downloadable from the Internet and you just log on and use it.”

With this, Damarillo stressed that the Philippines must embrace cloud computing.

“Cloud is like a national infrastructure, we have to have it. Cebuanos have access to it now,” he said, adding that “if you run cloud from the Philippines, your data stay in the Philippines…it’s faster, no latency.”

Damarillo is in Cebu for the “Hack2Hatch: From Hacker to Founder” weekend entrepreneurship camp that aims to gather local tech developers. It is part of the “Silicon Valley Comes to the Philippines,” a special four-day mentorship toward collective empowerment and economic development, a press statement said.

The activity is scheduled on October 5 to 7 in Cebu City.

“The message we want to relay in Cebu is that we have all these opportunities…It is time to take advantage of it now…Let’s keep moving forward and build. What we have to do is build high value products in the Philippines,” said Damarillo in a statement sent to Sun.Star.

The 42-year-old technopreneur has a track record of building successful technology start-ups. One of his technologies, named Gluecode Software, was bought by IBM in 2005.

Asked if he felt sorry that he sold it to IBM, Damarillo said yes, admitting that he sold it “too early.”

“I thought it was a win when I did it, because when it’s your first company, it’s good to win…I regret it because in order to build a brand and a culture, companies have to stay long to develop organizational perspective and for the brand to last forever,” he said.

He clarified, though, that as an entrepreneur, “you need to really prove yourself very quickly to gain confidence.” He said he also feels like he’s better off without Gluecode, because selling it to IBM allowed him to build the seven companies that he have now.

“So if I have not sold Gluecode to IBM that early, I would still be building Gluecode now. So, I feel like I’m better off today, but I learned a lesson. I’m done selling companies too early,” he said.

Damarillo’s company, Morphlabs, currently has offices in Los Angeles, Philippines (Manila and Cebu), Japan, Singapore and Indonesia.

Damarillo said he also wanted to put up branches in Europe, particularly in Turkey.

“That's important also for entrepreneurship that you're not only thinking about your local territory, but you're focused on being the best in the world, and in order to be the best in the world, you have to be around the world,” he said.

Damarillo advised local entrepreneurs who wanted to be successful to be passionate about what they want, be optimistic and be willing to take risks.

“Find your passion. When you wake up in the morning, know what makes you excited. Excitement has to be there, because when you have that first, everything follows. It starts with passion,” he said.

He stressed that the Hack2Hatch entrepreneurship camp to be held in October aims to gather people who believe in what they are trying to do and will commit to doing whatever it takes to be successful.

Aside from Damarillo, top Filipino American technopreneurs, including Philippine Development Foundation chairman of the board and Tallwood managing partner Dado Banatao and Sheila Lirio-Marcelo, founder and CEO of Care.com, will be the mentors for the three-day activity in Cebu. (Jean Mondoñedo/Sunnex)

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