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CloudVelocity, a new startup emerging from stealth that develops hybrid cloud automation platform, has raised $5 million in Series A funding from Mayfield Fund.

CloudVelocity (which was formerly Denali Systems) allows companies to automate private data centers to the public cloud. CloudVelocity’s software, based on the startup’s patent-pending One Hybrid Cloud platform, aims to extend the enterprise data center to the public cloud, by enabling multi-tier applications to run without modification in the cloud and access services that reside in the enterprise data center. In a nutshell, the startup allows enterprises to get the benefits of private clouds in the public cloud.

Users can discover, blueprint, clone, and migrate applications between data centers and public clouds. Currently, CloudVelocity supports full server, networking, security and storage integration with AWS but plans to integrate other public clouds, such as RackSpace in 2013. The beta trial of the Developer Edition cloud cloning software allows users to clone multi- tier app clusters and services, without modification into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 cloud. The Enterprise Edition enables users to clone, migrate and failover multi-tier apps and services into the AWS EC2 cloud.

The new funding will be used to continue developing the startup’s hybrid cloud automation software suite (including cloud cloning, migration and cloud failover solutions).

Navin Chaddha, Mayfield Fund’s Managing Director explains that the firm incubated the idea, and made a bet not only on the technology but also the entrepreneurs. The co-founders founded virtualization company NeoPath Networks, which was acquired by Cisco.

“We believe that CloudVelocity will have the same impact on public cloud adoption as VMware did on the adoption of server virtualization by making public clouds look like internal data centers,” Chaddha explains.

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