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By Michael Seback

Businesses and government organizations are operating in an era of the empowered customer where service and communication channels are challenged every day. Consumers in the private sector have high expectations from purchasing gifts online, reading reviews on social sites, and expecting the companies they do business with to know and reward them. In the Public Sector, constituents also expect government organizations to provide consistent and timely service across agencies and touch points. Examples include requesting critical city services, applying for social assistance or reviewing insurance plans for a health insurance exchange. If an individual does not receive the services they need at the right time and place, it can create a dire situation – involving housing, food or healthcare assistance. Government organizations need to deliver a fast, reliable and personalized experience to constituents. Look at a few recent statistics from a Government focused survey:

  • How do you define good customer service? 70 % improved services, 48% shortest time to provide information, 44% shortest time to resolve complaints
  • What are ways/opportunities to improve customer service? 69% increased collaboration across agencies and 41% increased customer service channels
  • Are you using data collected to make informed decisionsto improve customer service efforts? 39% data collection is limited, not used to improve decision making

Source: Re-Imagining Customer Service in Government, 2012
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Would you like to get started – read Eight Steps to great constituent experiences for government.

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