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August 8th, 2013

After understanding the Design Phase of Data Migration we can now take a peek at phase two. Extraction. In this phase, the existing (legacy) data is extracted from its current source, to be further processed (Transformation) for import (Load) into the new repository or system.

Legacy, or source data, can come from many different places, such as a source SAP file, DCS extracts, databases, documents (flat files), web pages (HTML or XML) or emails. These types of sources are known as unstructured data, since they typically all house data in different formats. In the last blog post, Design, we touched on defining all the possible data formats that will be migrated.

Once extracted into an extract file, the data is parsed, or checked for integrity, exposing any similar patterns, which will aid in the transformation. The mapping document or functional specs document will also come into play during this step. Lookup tables from the target SAP destination also aid in the parsing of the data to be ready for transformation, the next step.

There are many data extraction tools available that can assist in this task, and here at AltaFlux, the tool of choice is SAP Business Objects Data Services, or SAP BODS. This robust tool performs the ETL tasks of the migration, cleansing and consolidation of data, measures data quality and drills down into the insights of structured and unstructured data.

Data that’s been extracted from the source is then analyzed and cleansed in the Transformation phase.



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