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This was my first Dreamforce as a salesforce.com employee and i couldn't be more proud of the event our company put on - the production to the organization to the smallest details were all top-notch.

I played a small part, putting together one of the 800+ breakout sessions. My session spoke to SEO and was named "21 Changes that Impacted SEO in 2012 Forever."

The session was presented by Adam Audette (President, RKG), Wil Reynolds (Founder, SEER Interactive), Jim Yu (CEO, BrightEdge), and moderated by Tyler Stample (Managing Director, Geary SEO). Really, an team of SEO all-stars in my opinion.

As expected, everything went off without a hitch. Not much of a stretch for a group of experts that have presented dozens of times at SEO conferences.

Even so, as someone with decent SEO experience himself, that was a lot of information to take in. 21 topics in less than 60 minutes is no joke.

1. Google's 'Not Provided'
2. Panda Update
3. Travel in the SERPs
4. Bing & Google Webmaster Tools
5. Rich Snippets
6. Mobile SEO
7. The Wacky World of Links!
8. What is the Penguin Update?
9. Over Optimization?
10. Impact of Penguin
11. Positive Penguin
12. Negative SEO?
13. Unnatural Link Messages
14. Social Search
15. Video: Is just B2C?
16. Decoding Authorship
17. Google Circles Impact
18. Google Circles Engagement
19. The New Divide
20. Google Suggest
21. The Future?

It was by design; our strategy was to give brief snippets of information without getting bogged down in the details.

That said, we could spend hours talking about each one. Recognizing that, I hope to provide more insight into each topic. Over the next two months (or so), I'll dig deeper into each one of the 21 SEO topics from the session - dedicating a blog post to each.

I'll do my best paraphrasing Jim, Adam, and Wil's thoughts on the matter, as well as giving my perspective. I like to call that "becoming an expert by association."

I'll update this post as each blog post is released. Stay tuned.

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