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Curtis Franklin Jr.

The cloud. It's everywhere, say its supporters. While cloud computing may presage the "ubiquitous datacenter," IT professionals still have to figure out how to turn a nebulous concept into a hard-working, efficient reality. Enterprise Efficiency will help you start the process of pulling it all together with our next episode of E2 Radio, Cloud Realities: Making Cloud Computing Work for You, at 12:00 p.m. EDT (-5 GMT) on Tuesday, July 10.

The show will start with a "state of the cloud" talk where our guests will share their views on just how mature cloud computing products and technology are today. After that, we'll settle in to a serious conversation about how you and your enterprise can learn the right lessons from cloud computing pioneers and put those lessons to use in building the most effective, efficient cloud infrastructure possible.

The discussion won't end when the show is over: Enterprise Efficiency editors will join our guests and members of the E2 community in talking about the specifics of cloud computing and how they apply to individual situations. If you've been waiting to ask cloud questions to an expert in the field, this is your opportunity to get the answers you need. In addition, the other professionals in the E2 community will be sharing their experiences and hard-earned wisdom in the conversation, giving everyone in the discussion the benefit of the lessons they've learned.

Cloud computing is too important to ignore, and as the recent East Coast AWS troubles demonstrate, too new to take for granted. Join us for this exciting episode of E2 Radio to move your cloud education forward by a grade level or two. Register here and mark your calendar for July 10 at 12:00 p.m. EDT (-5 GMT). It will be an hour that helps you ensure that cloud computing works for you, your organization, and your career in 21st century IT.

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