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By Michael Brenner

Is your business ready for cloud computing? We know there are cost-saving reasons to run your business in the cloud, but before signing with a vendor, there are some other things to consider. Processes, goals, and technology are just a few.

ViaWest’s white paper entitled How to Execute a Successful Cloud Strategy succinctly outlines 10 “cloud tenets” that are perfect for helping you develop a cloud strategy specific to your business. When evaluating a cloud vendor, the white paper recommends:

  • Analyze your long-term business needs – Cloud computing vendors aren’t “one size fits all.” Consider your organization’s present and future needs and match them to a cloud vendor that has a choice of technology.
  • Go beyond the lowest price – The vendor’s technology should match your business’s requirements. Make sure the vendor has the tools to support you, and not just a low price.
  • Understand APIs Your cloud may be defined by what application programming interface (API) is accessible. Know what APIs are and that they may change over the life of your cloud.
  • Know your portal – The portal may be what defines your cloud. Map out what you need from your portal. Keep in mind that a portal from a single vendor may reduce confusion and increase issue resolution.
  • Get hybrid environment support – Your business is a hybrid of applications, equipment, and technology. Find a vendor that understands your needs and hybrid environment.
  • Consider more than cost – There is more to selecting a cloud computing vendor than cost. Recognize that cost savings will be achieved through IT control and options.
  • Research hypervisors – The hypervisor you choose can make all the difference. Compare an open-source to a “walled garden” approach to match your use cases.
  • Define your processes – Before launching a cloud solution, define and understand the processes that will control, apply, and leverage your cloud.
  • Design a network diagram – To create a highly reliable, secure, understood, and manageable network and cloud solution, a network diagram is mandatory both for your business and cloud vendor.
  • Ensure vendor flexibility – Find a cloud vendor that has the flexibility to support your individual needs, especially the processes you defined.

In addition to this list, the white paper (no registration required) provides complementary detailed information to help you determine your cloud computing strategy for now and in the long term. I suggest you download it and learn how you can execute a successful cloud strategy.

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