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By Biztech2.com Staff

HP has announced the launch of an HP Center of Excellence (COE) in Chennai to support clients globally. The HP COE will help organisations harness the power of their information leveraging the SAP HANA platform, generating insight and ideas to drive business growth.

Making quick, effective business decisions and being agile enough to respond to new opportunities is critical to an organisation’s profitability and competitiveness. However, with mobility, social media and cloud computing driving huge volumes of data, organisations are challenged to gather, organise and gain insights from information to deliver meaningful business intelligence.

The HP COE for SAP HANA is staffed by experts that provide advice on in-memory computing, which enables customers to speed up data analysis to seconds instead of hours. In-memory computing involves storing data in random access memory (RAM) in specialised servers and is 10,000 times faster than standard disks.

These HANA-based services enable organisations to gain insights from ever increasing amounts of information to make fast, informed decisions. When combined with HP Business Intelligence (BI), analytics and application development they give organisations faster access and business insight from data that could not be analysed previously. The HP COE services focus on Information Optimisation and are powered by HP Converged Infrastructure. They include BI Assessment; BI Analytics; Enterprise Reporting; collaboration platform; and Knowledge Management.

An extension of the HP BI offering, the HP COE offers consulting expertise for the enterprise to understand the costs, effort and benefits of modernising their IT landscape with SAP HANA. The COE is an extension of HP’s global delivery model and focuses on vertical industries to ensure all knowledge ware created is linked to customer needs.

“To succeed, organisations need to make fast, informed decisions to capitalise on their customers’ and citizens’ changing needs. The challenge is extracting large amounts of raw data from their systems and turning this data into meaningful and actionable information quickly,” said P V Venkatachalam, Director Applications & Business Services, Enterprise Services, HP India. “This HP COE will deliver the depth of expertise to help organisations drive high-performance data analysis, handling huge volumes of data in real time for instant business insight.”

The HP COE for SAP HANA will help organisations improve time-to-market by building a foundation for strategic Business Intelligence with services to plan, build, run and modernise the BI platform.

It will help enhanced business performance by tapping into a network of global SAP HANA experts who have the skills to help organisations integrate information systems for better enterprise-wide intelligence. It also aims at providing higher return on investment with solutions that address specific business issues, review proofs of concept and technology innovations, as well as productivity tools.

Business and technology decision makers can experience first-hand how to improve employee productivity and reduce costs by streamlining complex, legacy systems to modern, efficient technologies through the COE’s interactive showcase.

This dedicated COE, with a complete learning and proof-of-concept environment, establishes HP as the premier provider of SAP HANA solutions. The COE is able to offer a complete end-to-end BI consulting services and solutions that integrate SAP HANA with solutions from other technology vendors within a predominant SAP solution-based landscape.


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