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If your organization has recently started a transformation journey to become Agile or if you were recently hired into an Agile organization, it’s important to acknowledge where you are personally with the change happening around you.

Your personal journey through an organizational transformation or immersion into an Agile environment will be a unique experience for you. You may have had experience with Agile or none at all. Change may come very naturally for you or it may create some degree of anxiety. Whatever the case may be, we have all passed through the following adoption cycles at our own pace.

Don’t let anyone tell you where you should be on the journey or how you should be feeling. Find which cycle you are now in and determine what you need to do to get to the next level.

You have an understanding of what Agile is and perhaps you have talked about it with your co-workers. You understand how it will support business results and why we are doing this or why being Agile is important. You are seeking education around Agile processes and practices. You may have recently participated in your first Agile simulation or training class. You may be a bit skeptical and that’s ok.

You are trying new Agile roles and techniques with your team or are actively participating in an Agile pilot. You are starting to identify areas of self-development needed to be a part of an Agile organization. You are recognizing (and rewarding) others who are living the Agile experience. You are starting to identify where to experiment with new practices. You are beginning to challenge the status quo in a constructive and healthy way. It’s ok if you feel overwhelmed at this stage – there’s a lot to take in!

You are consistently demonstrating collaborative techniques and participating in Agile events and team exercises. You have aligned naturally with an Agile role and are an active contributor to the team in that role. You are actively working on the self-development areas you have identified during experimentation. You are fully present as an active supporter of the Agile change transition. If something doesn’t feel right here, it’s ok to try something new and jump back to experimentation.

You are holding yourself and the organization accountable for living into your new Agile expectations. You are influencing others to demonstrate Agile practices and to work collaboratively with each other. You and your peers are following an Agile framework as the norm for product decisions and development. You may begin to feel the excitement of working on a high-functioning and collaborative team now. You “get it.”

Way of Doing Business
You are functioning as a part of one organization with areas or departments being “un-siloed” and working as a unit. You and your team are producing a continuous stream of value, at a sustainable pace, while adapting to the changing needs of our customers or users. You feel a part of a bigger vision and you can “change the world.

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