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By Karthi

United Biscuits (UB), a leading manufacturer of biscuits and snacks in UK and continental Europe,recently announced that it has migrated its Lotus Notes Apps and extended SAP ERP processes to the Google Cloud Platform using OrangeScape’s Visual Platform as a Service (PaaS).

UB operates manufacturing facilities in UK, France, Belgium, Holland, India & Nigeria. UB’s IT architecture was anchored to SAP and a number of Lotus Notes databases supporting core processes. UB’s core ERP and the associated processes are critical to the functioning of their global business operations.

In 2011, UB decided to migrate its core ERP anchored IT architecture to a faster, more agile and workflow driven application stack to make it sustainable and scalable over time. Unfortunately UB realised that most of the current solutions did not provide a comprehensive solution stack to support its migration requirements.

What UB needed was a solution with a:

  • More agile and efficient platform with foundations on cloud architecture
  • Better performance on their “product launch” processes,
  • Modern mobile interface for their management & knowledge workers to get more productive, and
  • Better data integration with the backend systems.

Their Enterprise IT needed a faster Software Development Lifecycle to get more agile and to support their business better.

Barry Kelly, IS Controller Architecture Development at UB, said “We investigated a number of PaaS vendors who could provide us with a cloud based architecture that was sustainable and scalable over time. We needed a solution that supports fast application development and allowed us to publish these applications into standard cloud platforms such as Google Apps Engine. The solution also needed to interface with our back-end systems. We choseOrangeScape as it met all our criteria and have successfully gone live with a number of cloud applications.

In OrangeScape, UB found a perfect alternative for its Lotus Notes workflows, and a robust rule engine based runtime architecture that works seamlessly with Google cloud offerings like Google App Engine, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage and the Visual modeling environment for development.

Apart from being a perfect destination for Business Applications and workflows for Enterprises, OrangeScape Visual PaaS is also a great alternative for Lotus Domino Applications for companies wanting to move from Lotus to a Cloud alternative such as Google Apps.

OrangeScape has also published a whitepaper on migrating from legacy environments to Cloudbased solutions such as Google Cloud Platform.

Clearly, UB’s migration efforts to Google Cloud Platform have paid off big time. Recently UB was chosen by the British Computer Society as one of the winners for the prestigious “Best Use of Cloud Services” award and OrangeScape is proud to have played its part in UB’s success.



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Vijay Nachimuthu

By Vijay Nachimuthu

Vijay Nachimuthu is a Managing Principal of AltaFlux. His blogs mainly focuses on latest cloud technology trends and its impact on enterprises.