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By Sally Hudson

The IAM market is in a state of disruption as identity, protection, and trust are all intertwined at the core of any successful cloud strategy.

Technologies in the SSO and strong authentication space are being evaluated in a new light as employees increasingly expect to be able to work anywhere on the device of their choice, managing/securing the corporate footprint of data on the device becomes essential. Given the popularity of the iPad, IDC expects to see more identity/security solutions offered towards the enterprise iPad user in the next 12 months.

I recently spoke with the guys from OneLogin, a small, privately held software company based in San Francisco that provides Secure Single SignOn (SSO) technology. The company has been around for a couple of years and seems to be acquiring customers at a slow but steady pace - not terribly easy to do in the SSO space, given the number of firmly entrenched enterprise incumbents. OneLogin's recent news focuses on the company's release of an iPad app to enable enterprise SSO. It is available on Apple's App Store, and is designed to work with the OneLogin cloud-based identity management service. The OneLogin for iPad app was constructed with native iPad browser functionality, which allows the user to move back and forth between all of the SaaS applications for which they have authorisation access.

According to press articles, Netflix has been beta-testing the new iPad app. Mike Kail, VP of IT operations at NetFlix, is quoted saying it offers a productivity boost for iPad users because they don't have to switch been between apps, they can switch between tabs in the OneLogin application. For example, Kail cites that he can be in Workday doing an expense report, and pulling data from a spreadsheet in Google without having to log into each application using Safari and manually switch between them. I will be speaking with a few of the beta customers next week to get their responses, and I am betting they will be equally positive.

OneLogin for iPad allows users to sign into any of my cloud applications by entering a 4-digit PIN and tapping an icon. OneLogin facilitates cloud integration by using SAML for exchanging authentication and authorisation data. The OneLogin software leverages the same multi-factor authentication as OneLogin's web-based solution, working with partners including RSA SecurID, Symantec VIP Access, Yubico and VASCO DIGIPASS & IDENTIKEY. See the recent IDC Link on Cloud Id standards for more information here.

The vendor is currently offering OneLogin for iPad free, and customers can sign on for a free plan which includes directory integration and single sign-on for up to 3 apps. OneLogin comes with a free and open source SAML toolkit that both enterprises and application vendors can use to SSO enable their own applications. Expect to see more of the IAM technologies adapted to incorporate tablet and smartphone devices in the coming months. These will be from both existing IAM market leaders and newer players in the cloud security market.


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