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The ability to pay for and consume data storage as a utility may be closer than you think


About a dozen years ago, the storage utility model was a novel concept. The idea was that businesses could literally plug applications into enterprise storage, enabling them to outsource administration and begin paying on a monthly usage basis. While the concept was attractive, unfortunately, many of the storage service providers (SSPs) who sprouted back then couldn’t quite perfect the model. Fast forward to today. Over the past 5 years, cloud storage providers (CSPs) have successfully made the delivery of on-demand data storage to the premises a reality, with a pay-as-go model backed by huge economies of scale.

However, cloud storage providers stopped short of delivering the familiar enterprise features and benefits of a storage array to businesses consuming on-premise data storage. Whereas providers solved on-demand capacity delivery, businesses using storage arrays today demand the enterprise-level storage attributes to which they have become accustomed, including:

  • high-performance
  • availability
  • security
  • interoperability

In order for cloud storage to truly meet its promise and become a sustaining, viable option, enterprises need to have these requirements addressed. It’s no surprise that cloud storage gateways entered the scene to give cloud storage the look and feel of enterprise storage. Today many gateways offer the heart of an enterprise storage system backed by the cloud.

Unfortunately, software and hardware gateways typically add capital expenses back into an otherwise utility-based model. What if you prefer to have the storage gateway and cloud storage all for a pay-as-you-go monthly fee? Well, there’s good news.

TwinStrata is offering new enterprise and SMB subscription models that include virtual and/or physical appliances. And you can find out more about them if you visit Google I/O conference this week.

Discover how the utility model for paying for and consuming enterprise data storage is closer than you think.

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