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Does HR need a roadmap for digital transformation?

There is no denying that the digital transformation is well underway in HR. It is predicted that by 2020, 44% of all deployments of Human Capital ...

How to Prepare for Your SaaS Implementation

Lessons Learned from AltaFlux’s SaaS Implementation Software as a Service or SaaS, is becoming the new normal for businesses looking to streamline ...

Lessons You and SMB's Can Take Away From Elon Musk

                  “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary"                                  -Elon Musk Don’t be ...

Clouds are on the Horizon and Businesses are Embracing It

In a rapidly shifting economy, the task of keeping up with market trends seems insurmountable, couple that with evolving technologies that appear to ...

What's New in Dell Boomi March, 2016

The following are the product improvements and enhancement to the March 2016 release of Dell Boomi AtomSphere. 

What's New in Dell Boomi February, 2016

The following are the improvements available in the February 2016 release of Dell Boomi AtomSphere. 

Learn the basics of SAP Cloud - Conclusion

In this final and concluding part of our SAP Cloud basics blog series, we will see about the most basic and widely used SAP Cloud terms.

What should the ongoing support model look like for a Cloud Application?

In my sales role, I am often asked this question by prospective customers, as they evaluate a cloud application for the first time: “what does/should ...

Learn the basics of SAP Cloud - Part II

In continuation to our blog series on SAP Cloud Basics, we are going to take a look at the Cloud Market and theri service offerings by some of the ...

Cloud Security: How to Protect Your Infrastructure

The cloud does have many benefits when it comes to HR technolgies, but it can also make your organization vulnerable if you don’t take the necessary ...

Learn the basics of SAP Cloud

Technology world is full of terminologies, acroynms and buzz words. In this blog series, we will aim to simplify the basics of Cloud and Cloud ...

What's New in Dell Boomi October, 2015

The following improvements to the October 2015 release of Dell Boomi AtomSphere. 
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