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TwinStrata on Tuesday announced that TwinStrata CloudArray is now available as an in-cloud gateway to support progressive organizations with cloud-based infrastructures. By enabling CloudArray to run on a growing number of cloud computing environments - IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, Rackspace, Amazon EC2 and Google (availability late Q3) - TwinStrata delivers a solution ideal for both enhancing storage infrastructures already deployed in the cloud, as well as sophisticated disaster recovery efforts.

Nicos Vekiarides, chief executive officer at TwinStrata, stated: "Whether you want to avoid the impact of cloud outages or local outages, easily and flexibly grow capacity without limits, or benefit from a centralized SAN in the cloud, CloudArray delivers trademark simplicity and enterprise-class data protection."

Offered in addition to TwinStrata's existing on-premise CloudArray options, the new in-cloud gateway platforms provide numerous benefits including:

  • Disaster recovery for on-premise applications - On-premise applications can fail over using the in-cloud gateway, a cost-effective way to recover business applications without dedicated remote infrastructure.
  • Multi-region, multi-site data replication for cloud applications - Geo-replicated cloud storage isolates data from regional outages.
  • Off-cloud replication - Options such as local block to cloud storage and replication to an external secondary cloud deliver an effective disaster strategy for in-cloud infrastructures.
  • Nearly unlimited storage capacity - CloudArray can grow or shrink capacity on demand without upgrading or downgrading cloud server instances, and can offer nearly unlimited storage on-demand to any server and any size server (up to 50PB).
  • Centralized management of cloud storage infrastructure - Consolidate and simplify storage management across multiple servers to a "SAN in the cloud," for non-disruptive, fast, transparent, self-service access to cloud storage.
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