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Author: Chris Gonsalves

Unisys Corp. today updated its Secure Private Cloud Solution and made the offering available to channel partners as part of an effort to gain traction in vertical markets.

The new Unisys Private Cloud Solution 2.2 adds new automated security and cloud management features purpose-built for business cloud users. The updated cloud platform now includes a virtualized version of Unisys’ Stealth Solution for Network software. With Stealth under the hood, cloud providers can automatically add integrated security to each virtual machine provisioned with the system.

“Clients say they want three things from cloud computing: simplified operations, lower usage costs and uncompromising security,” said Rod Sapp, vice president of data center transformation and outsourcing products and technology at Unisys in Blue Bell, Pa. “We’re providing a solution that delivers those attributes out of the box. Clients can reduce cloud provisioning significantly and realize operational and cost-avoidance savings, with confidence that vital information assets are protected.”

Unisys has bolstered its multi-tenancy management features in Private Cloud Solution 2.2 to improve the way administrators and cloud service providers slice and dice access to cloud assets in the system. The platform keeps applications and data deployed through the system largely invisible on the network both internally and externally. That allows users to build what Unisys calls “communities of interest,” or fine-grained sets of permissions based on roles. Multiple communities can securely co-exist within the same cloud, and individuals with appropriate roles can be members of more than one community.

This sort of private-within-public cloud security framework can be of benefit to cloud service providers and other solution providers looking to leverage cloud efficiencies by hosting multiple business clients on a shared infrastructure while still needing to guarantee data segregation and security.

Both the cloud platform and Unisys’ Stealth security suite were recently certified “V-block ready” by the Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) folks at Cisco Sytems Inc, EMC Corp. and VMware Inc.

And because Unisys Secure Private Cloud can interoperate with existing cloud and network infrastructure, users can deploy it for one-off cloud projects or integrate it into hybrid cloud environments, officials said. The updated Secure Private Cloud solution also sports a new dashboard with a single, integrated point of management for all cloud resources.

Pushing the solution out to its channel resellers, as it did with the Stealth security solutions in May, is seen as a way for Unisys to gain antrance into vertical industry segments such as financial services, health care, legal and federal, and state and local government, company officials said.

“We’re excited by the strong response we’ve seen from resellers in our new channel program,” said Tom Zorn, Unisys’ vice president of software channels. “We are pleased by the number of value-added resellers that have signed on since May, and with the addition of Secure Private Cloud, we believe interest in our channel program will continue to grow.”


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