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During January-February 2011 executives participated in a survey conducted by Sand Hill’s Group on how business and technology leaders are achieving competitive advantages from their early cloud-computing initiatives. The summary of the top five benefits they cited are as follows:

  1. Improved business agility
  2. Business agility is the focus of many corporate mission statements today and thus, as Sand Hill expected, “business agility” was the No. 1 driver of cloud computing adoption for 49 percent of respondents in the Sand Hill survey. According to the respondents, business agility is all about accelerating and empowering their business and allowing them to compete better—and faster

  3. Generated attractive return on investment
  4. In today’s challenging economic climate, it is not surprising that 46 percent of executives surveyed cited cost efficiency as the most important driver of cloud computing for their companies. Some early adopters of cloud computing reported five-fold savings in cost. SaaS costs are spread out more evenly over time, and the savings add up over the longer term.

  5. Accelerated time to value
  6. In business, time is money. Decisions. Development. Deployment. Everything seems to happen faster in the cloud—and that’s good for business. While the long-term TCO and ROI calculations underscore the bottom-line benefits of cloud solutions, executives who have experienced the power of the cloud say that the real business benefit is “time to value.”

  7. Jump-started innovation programs
  8. 70 percent of the executives said their companies use cloud-based SaaS applications today. In addition to the capacity in the cloud for testing and experimentation with systems overall, the surveyed business executives described how the cloud enabled them to create “sandboxes” for internal and external developers to collaborate on new ideas and projects.

  9. Scaled the business rapidly
  10. The cloud’s elasticity and scale are key features that level the playing field for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The cloud thus presents a significant competitive advantage for many businesses that experience cyclical and/or unpredictable demand patterns.

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