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IBM’s (NYSE: IBM) IT strategy for 2013 revolves around some familiar themes–SMBs, the cloud, big data and analytics, security and data protection—along with a relative newcomer—MSPs. Ed Abrams, IBM vice president of strategy for SMBs, in an interview, detailed some areas the vendor is yellow marker highlighting for 2013.

Here’s how IBM sees the IT landscape evolving throughout 2013. And, you don’t even have to read between the lines to figure out where’s the vendor’s considerable resources are heading this year.

On SMBs and the cloud:
In increasing numbers, SMBs are seeing the cloud as a door-opener to technology previously out of their reach and, correspondingly, as a lever to grow their business. Many are cozying up to the idea of moving core technology processes and sensitive data to the cloud. What’s driving this transformation? Pricing, of course, specifically, pay-as-you-go pricing, a model that enables SMBs to put money out to match their technology needs.

On SMBs and big data/analytics:
SMBs have as much to gain from insights residing in big data as do large enterprises. Cloud-based analytics is overcoming price and accessibility issues that previously have barred SMBs from a wholesale embracing of the technology. By grasping the ability to analyze data generated by their business operations, SMBs are moving to the fast track to improve efficiency, find new customers and add heft to their bottom lines. In a nutshell, cloud-based analytics enables SMBs to past the resulting savings on to their customers.

On SMBs, security, data protection and the cloud:
Combining cloud technologies with security and data protection sets up SMBs to better prepare for and quickly recover from disasters as well as lost or stolen mobile devices.

On SMBs and cloud platforms:
Flexibility is key here as SMBs moving to the cloud will want a cloud platform that maps to their business strategy, facilitates mining insights from data generated by social media, enables seamless managing of processes and frees up resources that can be redirected to innovation and business growth.
Who’s the likely big winner with SMBs in 2013?

In IBM’s view, SMBs are more likely to partner with MSPs than large public cloud providers because MSPs have a local presence, and offer trusted advice, council and guidance to help SMBs transition their businesses to the cloud.

Abrams on the cloud, analytics and SMBs:
“Cloud adoption is ramping quickly among SMBs. In our own research, two-thirds of all companies are investing in the cloud in one form or another. Everybody is going there. What’s driving this move? The cloud with consumption based models affords SMBs the ability to reduce their IT investments while getter bigger and better capabilities. Secondly, many SMBs’ internal systems can’t handle the volume of unstructured available information but the cloud enables them to reap the benefits of analytics.”

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