Enterprise Cloud Applications are becoming a maze to navigate. Our expert Cloud Consultants will help you guide and choose the right one for your organization.

There is a cloud managed solution for each of your business process. Let us help you find the right one to fit your unique needs and deliver the most business value impact to your organization.

Cloud Readiness Assessment and HR Management Solutions

Are you ready to move to the cloud?

Moving to a cloud based solution can yield enormous savings and efficiencies for your organization, yet transitioning to the cloud is a complex exercise that requires careful planning.

If the right cloud is not chosen or transition is not planned properly your company can get hurt with delays, Security risks,compliance issues or even worst, loss of key functionality and data.

What a Cloud Readiness assessment gets you:

The cloud readiness assessment will deliver you a concise set of considerations that your organization needs to make before moving to the cloud:

  • The Right Cloud Platform overview: Give you an overview of the leading cloud technologies (SaaS, IaaS & PaaS). We’ll help you understand different cloud management solutions.
  • Best Practices: Show you best practices in Cloud Implementations specifically relevant to you.
  • How much will you save: Identify specific savings and benefits ways the cloud will bring to your business.
  • Cloud Ready Candidates: Identify services and applications that can cost-effectively move to the cloud to reduce the On-Premise software burden on your infrastructure.
  • Risk Factors: We’ll indicate exactly where are the risks and what can be done to minimize those risks and concerns surrounding security, scalability and access to data
  • Implementation Strategy: Outline a custom implementation roadmap and impact on your legacy applications.
  • Vendor Selection: Which cloud vendors will provide the best service given your needs.

How our Cloud Readiness Assessment works:

We can help your organization prepare to transition to the cloud with a through cloud readiness assessment process:

  1. First we will diagnose the current state of your systems, integrations and business processes.
  2. Workshop- We will then work with your team to identify the gaps. This is typically a 2-3 week process.
  3. Recommendations- We will make specific recommendations and solution candidates including processes and applications that can feasibly move to the cloud, and an overall vision of whether you need a full cloud or hybrid approach. 
  4. Case Study- We will review a real world customer case study.

Request a Cloud Readiness Assessment

We’ll contact you within 1 business day.  Your data will not be shared with anybody, period.
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