HR Systems Integration and Migration Consulting

Protect against the risk of data loss during your system integration.

Moving to a new platform requires a thorough approach and a knowledge of your current and new platform components, including data models, restrictions and conversion formats. Our extensive HR systems migration experience can be handy when you migrate from your older provider to a new one.

HR Systems Integration and Migration Consulting

When your current system doesn't meet business objectives, it's time to migrate to a new one.

Businesses who are ready to migrate to a new cloud application platform must be prepared with a strategy to minimize the impact of the failure of their HR cloud—whether it's due to a breakdown in the relationship with or the complete failure of the cloud provider: Businesses should be asking these three key data questions.

  1. Is the data stuck in a proprietary format, preventing me from using it outside of the current provider's cloud?
  2. What are the formats and methods available for moving data out of the current provider?
  3. How can we be sure that all my data has been permanently deleted to protect our data privacy and security requirements?

Common data challenges due to Systems Migrations


Your current cloud platform collects all your employees' onboarding documents as well as scanned copies of employment information, and the current provider stores all of them in a PDF or JSON format.

Challenge: the new platform offers a schema to store all your past data as attachments, but you were given a file format that you don't know how to extract and attach to the new platform.

Data Security

You’re not just taking the road less traveled; you’re creating all new ones, whether you’re launching a new line of business in your current location or expanding globally. Will the construction cause delays, or take you to new places?

Challenge: you're under stress in this environment, as your organization's ability to collaborate, perform succession planning and develop processes is compromised.

A Platform Migration Report will help you:

  • Identify key data migration and loss risks
  • Identify scope of effort and timelines
  • Identify data gaps and implementation approaches

How it works:

There may be differences in the implementation approaches, but with the right data strategy we can make sure the old data fit the schema of your new cloud implementation.

  1. Identify the source platform application and target application
  2. Gather and identify both data schemas for the systems integration
  3. Sample data extract and conduct conversion test
  4. Present a platform migration risk report
  5. Recommend client for data archiving from old platform

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