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There’s no such thing as a completely objective performance evaluation. It’s impossible to totally eliminate manager subjectivity. That can become a legal problem when, for example, a poorly rated employee is promoted over a minority.

“Increased subjectivity is one of the main reasons employers should look into using performance and talent management solutions,” says Business Management Daily’s Senior Web Editor Elizabeth Hall. “Employees have less ammunition to complain about unfairness if the performance management software determines the names of employees eligible for promotion, based on previous reviews.”

HR departments can really benefit from talent management software and other solutions. They streamline multiple responsibilities, such as performance review planning, training program development and job description creation and management, into one program to increase productivity and ensure office operations run smoother.

To help human resources professionals select talent management solutions for their organizations, Business Management Daily’s editors have chosen their top five favourite companies that offer talent management resources for HR pros.

Here are the editors’ picks (in no particular order):

Cornerstone OnDemand: Offers talent management software that covers the whole process of selection to succession to help HR pros recruit top performers, develop and engage their employees, and ensure successful office operations.

Halogen Software: Provides a comprehensive suite of talent management solutions, including performance management, succession planning and talent acquisition, as well as best-practice resources and a user community to help professionals create a positive and organized environment in their workplace. Halogen Software provides top-notch customer service, according to many customer reviews.

SuccessFactors: Provides performance and talent management solutions, including resources for compensation management, recruiting and workforce planning. SuccessFactors’ solutions put a strong emphasis on aligning strategy with performance in order to accomplish better business execution.

HRsmart: Offers talent management software with features like applicant tracking and learning management, as well as professional expertise and support services to help HR pros effectively recruit, manage and retain top talent. HRsmart is noted for its Applicant Tracking Solution, which allows customers to streamline the overall recruiting process.

McLean & Company: Offers research and tools to help solve a wide variety of HR challenges. McLean & Company provides a number of performance management resources, including employee surveys and custom HR benchmarking. McLean & Company’s Employee Engagement Program, which was created to help organizations not only measure, but also improve employee engagement, particularly stands out as an effective human resources tool.

“With talent management solutions, organizations can connect their goals to performance criteria and track it objectively,” says Hall. “This allows HR departments to run more efficiently — and stay out of legal trouble.”

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