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As I sit her at the Las Vegas airport awaiting my return flight back to Detroit (ok ok – not really, more like my bed), I find myself reflecting on SuccessConnect 2013 and all of the great content, connections and amazing experiences that transpired in the past few days.

Yes, Las Vegas is known to be Sin City, but this week it was more like HR & SuccessConnect City and produced some great positive insight into the future of SuccessFactors, their product roadmaps, innovations, partner ecosystems but the foremost, how its aiding the transformation for their current and prospective clients.

What an exciting time to be part of the technology world - seriously! Cloud based applications are growing exponentially each day. SuccessFactors unexpected news of HANA based platforms for their applications to be built upon within the SAP world is just one of this years’ exciting releases. While the last year has been filled with its ups and its down during the SAP acquisition, it has been what appears to be one of the largest growth periods in SuccessFactors history. Even though SAP acquired SuccessFactors, they still have allowed them to keep their individuality and look after them more or less like a big brother, embracing and allowing extreme growth segments within the organization. An example of this is 60 patents were submitted this past year alone, which is 10X’s the amount that was submitted the previous year – wow!

Great job SuccessFactors team, seriously!

There was a ton of wonderful informative breakout sessions that offered insights for clients on best practices, how-to's, training in addition to clients who shared their implementation and own experience case studies. In addition SuccessFactors experts panels discussed on Employee Central, Talent Management, Learning Management System and so much more topics. It was great three days packed with great content that has definitely given so many of us something to look forward to this upcoming year with some of the news releases! For those who think, this is the business moment for being People Focused, infusing cultural engagement and transformation, look no further – here comes SuccessFactors! They are not looking back, but to the future!

Until next year SuccessConnect 2014. Oh! And if you are interested in seeing some of the happenings via Twitter, there were some great pieces of content, pictures and links that were shared if you search #sconnect.

No time to attend in person. Don't worry, follow our company on Linkedin or Twitter to keep up on SAP SuccessFactors happenings and insights.

Good night West Coast…and East Coast, good morning to you!