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There’s many features we love about SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting; some are new and some have been around for a while. Here is a list of our current favorites from a Recruiter perspective:

1. Quick Apply

The quick apply feature is relatively new. It allows an organization to modify the application process for a requisition. When the quick apply feature is enabled, a new candidate will only need to complete a limited amount of required information instead of a full candidate profile thus saving them time and hopefully reducing the candidate drop-off rate.

Why we love this feature: It can be a big time saver from the candidate’s perspective and increase the chances the candidate will complete the application.

Things to consider: Quick apply may not be the best option for every job. It is important to consider what information is needed to complete the hiring process. Best practice would be to create a requisition template specifically for jobs where quick apply is appropriate.

2. Talent Pools

Talent Pools (part of the Candidate Relationship Management tool set) allows users to group and manage candidates in a strategic way. Users with appropriate permissions can create any number of talent pools and those pools can be public, shared with other users or can be private.

Why we love this feature: You can build your recruitment pipeline and manage candidates you don’t want to lose track of.

Things to consider: Talent pools should enhance the recruiter experience and make life easier; it should not replace or complete with your normal recruiting process.

3. Email Campaigns 

Email campaigns (also part of the Candidate Relationship Management tool set) allow permissioned users to send targeted and branded email communications to a group of candidates. Do you want to promote a job fair? Perhaps you have an open position, or you want to share an award your organization won and help entice candidates to come to work for you. Email campaigns provide a way to stay in touch with your candidates and they have basic metrics so you can see who clicked on your email or who may have opted out of further email communications.


Why we love this feature: Be specific in your communications to applicants and track the effectiveness of your email campaign. Pro tip: you can set the reply-to email address and candidates can email you directly based on the email campaign.


Things to consider: Determine what your marketing strategy is and how often emails are being sent. The last thing anyone wants is to bombard a candidate’s inbox.


4. Job Analyzer

The Job Analyzer feature uses machine learning technology to make suggestions on where you may unknowingly have gender bias language in your job descriptions. It can make suggestions of potential replacement terms or allow you to add in your own.


Why we love this feature: It's easy to use and can help you achieve a more gender diverse candidate pool.


Things to consider: With any machine learning technology, the more you use it the better it gets so should be used frequently. 


5. Team Recruiting 

We know, Team Recruiting has been around for several years but anything that makes a Recruiter's life a little easier is a favorite in our book! Team Recruiting allows multiple users to have access to a requisition by defaulting recruiting groups into the Recruiting Operator role on the requisition. This allows recruiters visibility into requisitions that are not assigned to them as the primary recruiter.


Why we love this feature: Simply put, it just makes life easier, especially in situations where you may need help from your team or need someone to cover you while you are out of the office (hello, vacation!).


Things to consider: Consider internal processes and privacy practices before giving access to the entire recruiting team.


Hopefully you have found a way to use some of these features in your current processes, but if not, it would be worth looking into. Who knows, you may discover a new favorite feature of your own!

Need to unlock one or more of these Recruiting features? Contact us for a complimentary discussion on how to maximize your SAP SuccessFactors solution today!