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SAP SuccessFactors Support Simplified.

Get the support you need - when you need it. Our team is here to help you manage maintenance and user support as quickly as needs arise.

  • Fast issue resolutions and response times
  • High quality support & solution consultant knowledge
  • Easy Cloud based ticketing tool for a streamlined process

Select your support plan and get resolution

Over 32,000 cups of coffee have been consumed while maintaining our 99.9% satisfaction rate. (Not to mention the countless tickets to SAP SuccessFactors avoided.)

SuccessFactors Support Expertise

Cross-Module Expertise

Our knowledgeable team members are cross-trained in various modules. They not only carry hands-on experience, but they also keep your entire process in mind to maximize integration.


Complete Visibility Into Issue Resolution

Whether you contact us by email, phone, or our support portal, you will have complete visibility from start to finish of your issues status and how support hours are being managed.


Flexible, On-Demand Support Options

Choose from flexible support plans that match your specific needs. Purchase only the amount of hours you need, when you need them. Get support without a fixed contract agreement.

AltaFlux offered a higher quality support than other partners we have worked with.

Get started immediately, select a support plan below:

(Note: Pricing below is for online purchases only.)

Life Line

Standard on-demand support plan

Get ticket pick up in 16 hours
Resolution 48 hours.
Purchase to get resolution in 48hrs

Includes: 20 hours, 6 months validity

Ideal for: getting started with a low level of urgency requests, or break/fix type issues.

Phone a Friend

Our most popular on-demand support plan

Get ticket pick up in 8 hours
Resolution 32 hours.
Purchase to get resolution in 32hrs

Includes: 40 hours, 6 months validity

Ideal for: continuous support of quick fixes and smaller implementations.


Ongoing support for periodic assistance

Get ticket pick up in 4 hours
Resolution 24 hours.
Purchase to get resolution in 24hrs

Includes: 80 hours, 12 months validity

Ideal for: proactive support of complex or large module deployment, and training.

Compare support plans

Life Line
Phone a Friend
Number of hours
Must use your hours within
6 months
6 months
12 months
Ticket Processing
SLA for Initial Ticket Pick-up (in hours)
SLA for Ticket Resolution (in hours)
Support Via
Email, phone or support portal
Email, phone or support portal
Email, phone or support portal
Portal Access
Issues requiring a greater expectancy of urgency per the targeted SLA
May require more hours to be purchased/ extra charge for urgency
May require more hours to be purchased/ extra charge for urgency
With 24/7 support for critical issues
Issues & Tickets Scope
Design change considerations to existing processes
Manager support
Complicated issues that may need increased collaboration tools available between client and consultant
Configure system changes
Ticketing Research Environment
SF Test
SF Test and Production
SF Test and Production
Event Based Support
Data Management
Strategic Planning
Best Practices Review
Quarterly Release Planning
Yearly System Assessment
SuccessFactors Case Management
Training & Guidance
Answering “How-to” question on configure or administrative functionality
Requesting information on new or previously unused functionality
Admin and End User Training
Supported Modules +
People Profile
Employee Central
Performance and Goals
Succession and Development
Reporting Analytics
Workforce Planning
Workforce Analytics
Purchase to get resolution in 48hrs
You will be redirected to the checkout interface to complete your order. You will be able to change your plan before check-out.
Purchase to get resolution in 32hrs
You will be redirected to the checkout interface to complete your order. You will be able to change your plan before check-out.
Purchase to get resolution in 24hrs
You will be redirected to the checkout interface to complete your order. You will be able to change your plan before check-out.
AltaFlux’s support team has been responsive and clear. When we have questions, they are careful to follow up to ensure they understand our processes and what solutions may fit us the best way. It’s great to work with the same people each time rather than starting from scratch with a new support team member when we need help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to a human?
Yes, we won’t make you log a ticket before you connect with an expert. Our team is available by phone, email or by our support portal.
How do I know when to leverage SAP SuccessFactors support and AltaFlux support?
We can help you determine which route to take based on your issue. Since you already have SAP SuccessFactors support, we typically recommend utilizing them for the less complex issues that are not time sensitive. Leverage AltaFlux for configuration issues, anything that is a “fire,” or if you just don’t feel like logging a ticket. This way, you’re not wasting your AltaFlux support hours on minor fixes. Of course, we are here for you, no matter the issue. We just want you to get the most out of your hours.
Does our team have to be technically proficient to communicate our issues?
Nope. That’s what we’re here for. Our consultants have the technical expertise, but we’re not robots (most of us). We won’t expect you to know every technical term. Simply describe your challenge as best as you can, and we’ll help you understand the issue in laymen terms. We’ll save the techno-speak for the water cooler.
Why do I have to purchase a minimum of 20 hours? Why isn’t the minimum lower?
We have found that most of our customers require this minimum number of hours to support one module ex: Performance and Goals. The potato chip company used to say, “no one can eat just one.” The same applies to support questions. You may have only one question today; we are helping you plan for tomorrow.
What can I use my support hours for?
Short answer: whatever you like. Depending on the number of hours you’ve purchased, our team will work with you based on your priorities and resolve your issues accordingly. We’ve seen customers use their hours on break/fix items, quarterly release updates, upgrades in functionality, etc.
Could I use my hours to implement a new module?
Sure. Most organizations prefer to scope a separate effort so that the entire implementation is defined. We encourage that approach so that there is agreement and common understanding.  Even if we scope an implementation, we will still let you apply any balance of hours to an implementation effort.
How do we pay for our support hours?
Once you select the package that fits your organization’s needs, simply click “Purchase to get resolution.” You will then be taken to our payment portal where you can enter your credit card information. Don’t worry, this process is safe. We use an app called Stripe to process payments. Once your payment is complete, you’ll receive an email with login information to log your first ticket.
What if we don’t use all our hours within the SOW timeframe?
Through our online support portal, you’ll always be aware of the number of hours you have remaining. However, as a courtesy, we’ll notify you that your SOW date is approaching and to remind you to use the hours. There are so many ways to use support hours. We can review your system and recommend improvements, review quarterly releases with you, discuss reporting improvements.  They will ultimately expire, but only if neglected and unloved.
What is an SLA?
An SLA is a service level agreement that dictates response and resolution times for your tickets. Each package has a pre-determined SLA (see packages above).
How fast can we get started once we sign up?
We typically can start within 24-48 hours.  Sometimes we can start the same day, but we like to keep it real and set reasonable expectations. It’s just how we roll.
In what increments are the hours billed?
We bill in 15 minute increments. If you have been wrestling with an issue for months and one of our consultants can resolve it in 53 minutes, we think they deserve a chance to check Facebook for pictures of kittens.
Can we request a specific consultant?
It’s easy to get attached to our consultants – they’re pretty great! We will certainly do our best to accommodate your request, but know that we assign tickets based on expertise and workload, so it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be working with the same consultant if you have several modules. Each consultant is certified in key areas and we strive to match you with the consultant that has the most expertise to resolve your issue(s).
What is the turn-around time for new tickets?
The turn-around time for new tickets depends on your SLA. Your support package will dictate the response and resolution times. Typically, we see that new tickets are resolved between 24-48 hours time frame, depending on the support plan you selected.

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