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In this blog, we'll discuss the what is considered a support vs. a consulting request according to SAP (reference: KBA 2706322).

What is considered an SAP Support Request?

SAP Support agrees to handle problem incidents in accordance with Cloud maintenance agreements in the following scenarios:
      1. If there is an error in the software or SAP provided Best Practice configuration or with expert configuration done by SAP as requested by the customer;
      2. An error in the software causes subsequent errors or SAP provided Best Practice configuration causes subsequent errors;
      3. Standard product functions have incorrect or missing documentation.

What is considered a Consulting Request (requires Professional Services)?

The following cases are classified as consulting requests and should not be raised via a Support incident. This includes inquiries concerning:

  1. Advice or assistance relating to configuration, business process analysis, or implementation specific to the customer’s unique environment or already documented in Product Guides
  2. 'How-To' questions seeking assistance with documented features
  3. Assistance with customization of the core product, core functionality and/or problems or errors caused by customization that has been implemented or completed by customers or partners.

For help with configuration, how-to, and implementation issues, please visit the appropriate self-service resources as follows:

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Alternately, you may engage your SAP Account Executive or Customer Engagement Executive about Professional Services options, or about engaging an SAP Authorized Partner like AltaFlux to assist. Should you have a consulting request, we'd be happy to discuss your needs. Please contact us to schedule a time to chat with one of our experts.

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