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What are hiring roadblocks? Hiring roadblocks are things that can make or break the hiring process, either from a candidate or recruiter perspective. There are a few which are high on the list, and throughout this blog series, we will talk about them and provide some tips on how to eliminate them.

Ineffective Job Posting Descriptions

Job descriptions are a key part of attracting candidates to your job. A well-written job description can either excite and engage the candidate in your organization and position, or it can leave them confused and feeling indifferent. Job descriptions speak volumes not only about the role itself, but of the organization. When you’re ready to advertise for your next opening, consider these tips in crafting your job description and remember, this is an advertisement, not the full employee job description that goes in the file as part of the official employee record.

DON’T post your job with an obscure or ambiguous title. The job title is valuable real estate, it’s the first thing candidates see!
DO be clear in titling your job. If you were going to search for this specific job what keywords would you use as a candidate? Make sure you title is accurate for the job but also meaningful to candidates.

DON’T fill your job description with internal “organizational speak” (I.e. internal abbreviations or naming conventions) someone from the outside will not understand.
DO be clear about the responsibilities, and ask yourself if you had no company knowledge would this still make sense?

DON’T try to mention everything a candidate will be responsible for, save that for the official job description.
DO list the most important responsibilities and make sure to convey a good understanding of what the job entails without being too wordy. After all, the goal is to have the candidate read the entire job description.

DON’T leave the candidate wondering if they have the right qualifications for the job.
DO be specific about the requirements. If the candidate must have a specific certification or license list that but be clear.

DON’T leave out the most important part about your organization.... the culture!
DO share your mission and vision. Candidates want to connect and know they can see themselves as part of your organization. Be sure to clearly (and concisely) describe what it’s like to be on your team. Help job seekers understand the qualities you want in someone who represents your organization.

By leveraging these tips on crafting a job posting description, you’ll be well on your way to landing the perfect candidates. Remember, the first step is to entice job seekers to click the apply button. Don’t miss the mark with a poorly written job description. Stay tuned for more examples of hiring roadblocks and tips to eliminate them in our upcoming blog posts!