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As a Human Resources professional, maintaining regulatory compliance for both your company and its employees is an important part of your job. But even when you stay ahead of deadlines and certifications, it’s still a task that can quickly drown your entire office in paperwork. However, implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) is a proven way to simplify the management of regulatory compliance.

A good Learning Management System is used for many different tasks within the corporate world, and managing regulatory compliance through a secure, online, cloud-based platform can make everyone’s lives easier: 

  • Manage your company’s compliance requirements all in one place to stay on top of deadlines
  • Allow employees to self-manage their requirements, by signing up for training themselves
  • Measure compliance rates digitally through the LMS
  • File necessary components for ISO and other certifications for streamlined renewal
  • Encourage engagement by offering flexible e-training that fits employee schedules
  • Collect reports digitally through your LMS to see compliance rates in an instant
  • Keep your e-training materials bundled together, with customized logins for different audiences
  • Proactively increase the effectiveness of safety requirements through digital training

Ultimately, a good Learning Management System like SuccessFactors Learning helps make your compliance efforts shine. And by transferring the majority of your traditional compliance paperwork to an LMS, your company is likely to see a greater engagement rate for even the most mundane corporate trainings. Get stareted today by engaging our LMS experts.

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