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Survey results provides insights on how HR is leading the digital transformation.

Whether you call it “the journey to the cloud,” or “HR digital transformation,” the question is - have you started yet? We’re often asked by our customers how they compare to others, so we conducted a survey in Q1 of 2017 to gauge where organizations were in their digital transformation, specifically related to HR.

Our research findings aligned with other HR industry technology research showing that companies are getting serious about HR digital transformation. Not only are companies on their way to making the transformation, they have been picking up the pace each year since the journey started five years ago.

Although many companies have started to shift, organizations and HR departments are at different stages in their transformations. Some are still utilizing fully manual processes, while others have adopted the cloud for some, if not all, of their HR processes.

2017 HR Survey Infographic 2.png

But that’s not all we learned. Here are some additional highlights from the report:

  • HR’s first priority is on maintaining existing HR systems, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to implement new solutions. 
  • HR’s second priority is on finding solutions that help retain current employees and create better employee experiences, which is helping drive the digital transformation.
  • Budget and time constraints remain the biggest obstacle for HR to move to the cloud, as is trying to meet the overall needs of their organizations. 
  • HR is leveraging technology for everything from core HR to recruiting and learning.
  • Change is often a gradual module-by-module adoption as old contracts expire and as design teams and process owners have capacity in addition to their “day jobs.” 

We invite you to read the complete study here and compare your transformation to your peers. We’d love to discuss your digital transformation goals with you after you’ve read the report.

Contact us today to discuss how to kickoff your transformation with industry-leading HR cloud technology.

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