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SAP SuccessFactors has delivered enhancements and updates across the SAP SuccessFactors® HCM Suite as part of their Q2 2019 product release. Here are a few key updates you should consider for SuccessFactors Platform, Embedded Analytics & Extended Analytics.

Experience: Onboarding Home Page Tile

All new hires are able to see the hire date-based tiles on the Home Page such as Tour and Custom Tiles.

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it important? Previously, only users created via Onboarding can see the Onboarding Home Page Tiles. Users created with Employee Import or Add New Employee was not able to see these tiles.

Report Center: Notification of Universal Push to Preview & Production

Notification that Report Center will become universal has been pushed back since the original announcement based on customer feedback to allow for additional preparation. New dates are that in Q3 2019, Report Center will become universal for all preview (test) instances. This will provide customers the time to review and to become familiar with functionality before Q4 2019 when Report Center will become universal for all production instances.

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it important? Report Center is the gateway to the new unified reporting solution. It will provide a single interface to create and run all SAP SuccessFactors reports. If customers have test instances in Production environments, then these tests instances will be enabled for Report Center in Q4 2019.

Integration: Support Multiple Executions Per Day

You can now schedule an outbound integration multiple times per day by selecting 'multiple executions per day' option from the Scheduling tab. You can schedule a maximum of 5 such integrations with a frequency up to 6 times per day. This is applicable only for outbound integrations which use “Modified Since or Modified/Effective since” Time-based filters.

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it important? Currently Integration Center supports a maximum frequency of Daily executions. If customers have requirements to run the integrations more times in a day, it was not possible.

User Management: Show Picklist values and IDs in Manage User Page

Previously in the picklist dropdown fields in Admin Center > Manage Users (for example, Department and Division) only Option IDs were displayed. Option values were not displayed. Now Option values will be displayed along with Option IDs. This will make it easier to identify and select the right entries.

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it important? Currently, in Manage user page, the customer must enter picklist Option ID which is not easy to identify and must get it in exported picklist file by searching its value. To show picklist Option value along with the ID improves usability.    

Ad-hoc Reporting: New Subdomain Schema for Report Events Audit

Previously, you needed to contact your implementation partner or the SAP Customer Support to run a report that provides you information regarding the reporting events in your organization. Now, a new subdomain schema, "Reports Events Audit", has been added to the Ad Hoc data source (Live Data), which you can use to run a report to audit the events such as delete, update, share on reports. This does not include execution Audit.

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it important? This is a greater Self-Service for Reporting Admins and it is applicable to all report types.

Minor but Helpful Enhancements:

  • Business Rules: Support Filtering of Rule Functions: In the Business Rules designer you can now filter rule functions by entering a search term. For example, if you type "name", the list below will be filtered to only display rule functions that contain that word.
  • Integration: New Permission for Application and Event-Based Integrations: Previously, to run any application or event-based integration, you had to enable the following permissions: Admin access to MDF OData API, Allow Admin to Access OData API through Basic Authentication, and Access to Integration Center. New permission 'Allow users to execute "Application/UI" or "Event-based" Integrations' is now added to execute integrations in Integration Center triggered from other applications like Recruiting Management, Employee Central, and so on, or trigger an Intelligent Service event to run the integration.
  • RBP: New Job Relationships: Two new relationships delegate 1 and delegate 2 that can be used to assign permissions to two individuals, allowing them to act as your delegates.

For the full list of updates to SuccessFactors Platform, Reporting, Analytics & Planning, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community.

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