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Employee Profile has been an integral part of SAP SuccessFactors for many years, and is quite often used as a basic employee information repository. People Profile has been introduced, to replace this user interface (UI), with a much faster and modern responsive design. Let’s look at some of the key features and review People Profile.

Employee Profile V11 or V12

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Profile

Employee Profile, a.k.a. “Live Data” is the foundation of SAP SuccessFactors, for any module. For those users who have been using SAP SuccessFactors for years, you will know this section as “My Employee File” or “Employee Files” or another similar variant, depending on your system configuration. In the Employee Profile, you can find basic information about yourself or other employees. Basic information may include: Employee ID, First Name, Last Name, Department, Division, Location, Time zone, Job Title, etc. The Employee Profile also offers the ability to store information in background elements, known as “portlets” for areas like: work experience within company, previous employment, formal education, courses, certifications, and more. These dynamic sections allow for adding one or many line items for each topic. This allows you to build a rather robust profile on an employee, that can be used in many supporting functions of your business. Whether you are trying to find someone with experience in a particular topic for an upcoming project, or need to maintain a system of record for things like certifications, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Profile has you covered. 

People Profile

SAP SuccessFactors People Profile

People Profile is the updated Employee Profile that replaces the V11 and/or V12 interface, without losing any features that currently exist. This new modern design provides a sophisticated and easy way to customize the view into this important Employee Profile data. People Profile can be customized into blocks, previously known as “portlets.” You can place anything from Live Profile Data, Background Elements, specialized module specific blocks, to customized blocks. Organize the information to suit your business needs, and allow employees, managers and HR to have easy access to relevant information.

If you are already an SAP SuccessFactors user and are not currently using People Profile, you can visit your Upgrade Center to learn how to upgrade. When adding additional modules, rest assured that as you implement those modules, People Profile will accommodate with new blocks becoming available.


  • Performance and Goals offers a block that will display performance ratings and history, as well as competency skillsets.
  • Learning Management offers a specialized block that allows you to view learning activities
  • Recruiting Management offers a block that allows newly hired candidate profile data to be transferred directly into their background elements, in People Profile. This provides a great candidate experience, but also helps to provide the tools and data that HR and managers need as the candidate transitions to an employee.

SAP SuccessFactors has always offered the flexibility to “start anywhere, go anywhere”, meaning you do not need to implement Employee Central/Core HRIS to start your journey. The Employee Profile, or new People Profile acts as the baseline of employee data to support all the talent modules and data flow. There are many options available to bring your core people and organizational data from your existing HRIS solution into SAP SuccessFactors so you do not have to maintain data in two solutions.

If you are interested in hearing more about Employee Profile, whether to implement with a talent solution, or upgrade your existing landscape, please contact us.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Profile People Profile Upgrade