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There is a new resource on the SAP community that all SuccessFactors Performance Management System Administrators should check out. The SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management (PM) – Wiki Resource Page is a one-page resource dedicated to the Performance Management (PM) module. Not only can you find all Performance Management related resources in one area, but what makes the tool wiki-esque is that customers are invited to add/edit related content. When collaboration and knowledge sharing is free-flowing, content won't be at risk of becoming outdated as soon as the next enhancement or product release rolls out.

With all of the resources available to system administrators, it can be difficult to know exactly where to look for product-specific information. This is a common theme in my conversations with new system administrators - in fact, I would be willing to bet that the top three questions I am asked most are: 

  1. I am a new PM system admin - where do I start?
  2. Where can I find PM system admin and end-user Guides?
  3. Where do I go for technical support?

The answer to all three: SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management Wiki Resource Page.

I know what you're thinking - great, ANOTHER new page to navigate, but I assure you, there is no additional training necessary as the page is organized just like your SuccessFactors homepage – in tiles.

Start with the Welcome tile and click on how to best use this page to get accustomed to where to navigate and find information.

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From there, it's really about navigating to the right tile to find the answers to your questions. I've marked where you would find the answers to the top three questions I'm asked most below:

SuccessFactors Performance Management Wiki Resource Page

Every new System Administrator has a lot to learn in a brief period of time and it can be overwhelming, even for the most tech-savvy individuals. With the new SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management Wiki Resource Page – you can quickly access what others in similar roles have learned and key resources in just one-click. What else can I say, it's a wiki-cool, new tool.

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