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In a world where work-life balance has evolved into work-life blend, SAP SuccessFactors Recruitment Management allows you the flexibility of managing your recruiting tasks “on the go” via your mobile device. Whether you’re waiting to board a flight for business travel, or in the carpool line at your child’s school, access to SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting is always at your fingertips. With Mobile Recruiting, you can work around life’s busy schedule.

The following are some benefits:

Manage Your To-Do List

The dreaded to-do list. We all have them. Often, they are sticky notes or a note scribbled on the back of a piece of paper. Having Mobile Services on your device will allow access to your to-do list where ever you go. The to-do list will not only allow you to view any pending requisitions that require your approval, but also any offer details you have pending as well. One click will allow you to view, one more click will allow you to approve or deny an offer approval without the need to head back to your desktop.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruitment Mobile

Flexible Configuration

Viewing anything on your mobile device is different than your view from your desktop or laptop. During your configuration process, SAP SuccessFactors allows for the flexibility to decide what you can view from mobile versus desktop. If all you want for mobile visibility is a quick capture, you can decide that. You will own that process and have the flexibility to fit your needs.

We have seen customers limited the fields shown in mobile visibility to those that are vital in the approval process such as Job Title, Job Location and salary information, while leaving off items such as full job description that are better viewed on a larger screen.

We would recommend keeping the mobile fields limited to only that information that is critical to the approval process, leaving the details that may not be as pertinent to a full view on a larger monitor.

Accelerate Feedback

Once your candidate pipeline is filled with high caliber applicants, you will have insight to the Interview Portal which grants you access to view feedback and candidate ratings. This will allow you visibility to make hiring recommendations right away. In addition to those hiring recommendations, the mobile app allows you to send SMS messages to your candidates. These could come in the form of an email, a quick notification or even a reminder to confirm a scheduled interview.

Approve Requisitions and Offers

Keep the hiring process moving with real-time responses. After all, the best candidates are not going to want to endure a lengthy hiring process. You can make the on-the-go decisions for both requisitions and offers straight from your mobile device. Imagine you’re out-of-office and a recruiter is calling you with a top candidate that can start Monday if the offer is approved. Simply launch the mobile app and provide approval. In a matter of minutes, you successfully brought qualified talent into the organization.

Imagine being able to approve a requisition, recommend candidates and approve offers from wherever you are, at any time. With Mobile Recruiting, you alleviate the bottlenecks in your process and keep your hiring team productive and achieving goals. 

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