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The Demand for Data-Driven Human Capital Insights is Growing

Everyday organizational leadership teams around the globe are realizing more and more how important their employees are. With recent generational shifts, executives are demanding an increase in data to support solutions with strong and accurate human capital analytics and insights regarding how to keep and retain their employees. Most companies today will tell you that customers are their number one priority, and directly following customers in importance are the organization’s employees.

Over the past 5-10 years, companies have been investing heavily in customer data, and now is the time for organizations to invest in human capital insights. There has been a significant increase in the C-Suite requesting data and insight based on its organization’s employees, which is music to your typical HR professional’s ears. To be the organization’s strategic partner, HR executives, now more than ever, must be able to offer powerful analytics that drive business decisions based on human capital strategy.

For years, HR executives and their teams have been focused on HR service delivery versus strategic employee decision-making. Up until a few years ago, HR departments did not have globally integrated technology systems that could provide a pulse for employees across the organization. But now, times have changed, and HR departments have the opportunity to be the strategic partners that their organizations need, as cloud-based technology now provides access to real-time human capital insights.

The results that human capital analytics can provide allow the CHRO to partner directly with the CEO and help them understand the workplace landscape. Showcasing data and human capital insights specific to the organization’s employees and how they impact the company as a whole demonstrates an HR leader’s thorough understanding of the business. With data-driven human capital insights, HR leaders can predict people-based decisions, diagnose current situations, and recommend strategic next steps that will impact the organization.

With platforms such as SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, organizations are driving the business direction and outcome with people-based decisions in the forefront. Companies that have invested in SuccessFactors Employee Central have access to a richer, more comprehensive human capital analytics system that produces actionable results. More than 27 million users are engaging daily with SuccessFactors Employee Central, and its benefits are instrumental to the organization. A few top-line benefits:

  • One global system of record: The Employee Central platform combines HR and Talent data across geographies, cost centers, legal entities, and employee types to deliver a rich 360 view of an employee.
  • Continuous innovation: Cloud-delivered enhancements are provided 4 times per year with no additional cost or disruption to help you stay on top of business priorities, manage compliance, and regulatory issues.
  • Powerful human capital analytics: Correlate workforce data with financials, CRM, and other data for actionable insights.
  • Social collaboration: Optimize workforce productivity and accelerate innovation to engaged with each other and collaborate on key strategic initiatives.
  • Seamless integration: Easily connect with your existing or cloud-based systems like background screening, personal assessments, ERP, time and attendance, and benefits.

With today’s HR cloud-based technology, gone are the days when HR departments solely respond to a manager’s employee request based upon an email. Today’s technology is empowering employees and managers alike to deliver against choices and priorities with cloud-based decisions guiding the way towards smart and strategic resolutions.

Today’s modern workplace is leaning heavily on the HR executive and his or her team to constantly deliver human capital strategies and results. Now is the time for HR leaders to be the strategic partners and showcase the importance of human capital analytics in the workforce to shape organizations for tomorrow. HR cloud-based technologies are allowing CHROs to move at the speed of change, with human capital performance and business analytics driving every decision going through the C-Suite.

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