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If you work in the world of training, you will be familiar with the abbreviation AICC and SCORM. However, if you are new to the world of implementing SuccessFactors Learning Management, let us give you a high level overview to some of the industry abbreviations, standards and background. 

Let's start with the abbreviations and then some background.

  • AICC - Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee. AICC standards defined how content for e-learning should be developed, delivered and evaluated of Curriculum Based Training (CBT) and Web Based Training. AICC specifications was originally define for aviation industry but are now widely used and has broad acceptance and relevant to non-aviation industry as well.
  • SCORM - Shareable Content Object Reference Model. SCORM is alternative standard and was introduced by Department of Defense as part of their Advanced Distributed Learning that is collection of standards and specifications for e-Learning (Web Based, Curriculum based etc).
  • Experience API (aka Tin Can API) is considered to be the successor of SCORM was developed by Rustici Software. Experience API or Tin Can API or xAPI establishes e-learning software specification that allows learning content and learning systems to speak to each other in a manner that records and tracks all types of learning experiences

So which file standards should I use or can my current AICC or SCORM or Tin Can API standard content work and/or impact my SuccessFactors LMS Implementation?.  The good news is that SuccessFactors Learning can handle both AICC and SCORM file standards (as of this writing) and is working on Tin Can API support (no ETA).

So you might be wondering, what scenarios are applicable and lets look at a couple of simple examples.

Scenario 1 - Present a new hire with your Employee Handbook

  1. Sign offs on new hire handbooks
  2. Change in Human Resources Policy
  3. Compliance training sign offs

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, a document wrapper using AICC Standards, could be set up in your Learning Management System. Upon completion of reading the document, a pop up would appear with a box that states, “I confirm that I have read and understand all the material contained in the document”. The employee would then click on “Agrees” or “Disagrees”. Upon completion, an organization can then run a report to see who is in compliance or who still needs to complete it. So no more excel spreadsheet tracking.

Does your organization use an outside vendor for online learning? If the trainings are set up to be SCORM compliant, you can set up a Connector file to your Host (LMS). The benefit with this is that employees only access one LMS. They would search/browse for the course and launch it from your Organization’s LMS. You could set up a pass/fail score and once met, it would reflect “completed” on the employee’s learning history.

If you are a SAP SuccessFactors customer I know this can be done to set up Skillsoft. Previously, it was a manual process to obtain and input the necessary data into SF Learning, leaving open the possibility for mistakes. In an effort to streamline this process, SuccessFactors has created a connector to interface with Skillsoft data using their Open Learning Services Architecture (OLSA) to directly import the learning items and their respective subject areas.

A great way eLearning can save manual hours and time within an organization. 

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