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A version of EP that is newer than v12 – called New People Profile – will be available with the Q2 2015 release.

Recognizing that you may want the newer and more innovative version of this feature, SuccessFactors is now offering the option to upgrade to either v12 or to New People Profile. To allow time for any testing or change management needed to decide between these options, the EP universal upgrade will now take place during the Q4 2015 release.

What will happen to my EP with the Q4 release?

  • EP v11 will no longer be available to customers
  • Customers who previously upgraded to either EP v12 or to New People Profile will experience no change
  • Customers who remain on v11 will be automatically upgraded to New People Profile (EXCEPTION: customers who do not have RBP enabled will be upgraded to EP v12)

 ***Please note: All other Platform features -- Org Chart, Admin Tools, Home Page, and UI -- will be upgraded to the v12 versions with the Q3 2015 release, as planned.***

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