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Now that we have went through Data Migration and the several steps behind that process, it is only fitting that I let you in on another amazing part of our industry – SuccessFactors. Many people, much like myself, prior to jumping on board, may not know all the ins and outs, or maybe even WHAT SuccessFactors is. We dive a little into its capabilities and may even tap into some of our very own knowledge expert’s experiences with the system and the process of implementing.

SuccessFactors, is an SAP Company (for those unclear on this as well – it is a Systems Applications Product). It is the leading provider of cloud-based business execution (BizX) software. This software helps deliver business alignment, team execution, people performance, and learning management solutions to organizations of all sizes. And what this means for organizations (small or large) is a one stop place to make sure your business goals are in line with all other aspects.

There is actually an entire suite of software products that are used together to make this all happen – BizX. This is a complete cloud HRM (Human Resource Management) solution. No more fragmented HR information being left and unassociated with correlating information in another software system – this takes away all the pain and frustrations faced in the business’ day to day operations. Thus, leaving more time to focus on the core business needs and allowing everyone to be kept in the loop from top executives to the employees.

As we venture through this learning journey into SuccessFactors, we will start to get to know the different pieces to the puzzle, aka the software within the BizX suite of tools. So look forward to the following:

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