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Ask these 5 questions when evaluating any recruitment system

Have you been tasked with finding a recruiting system? It's no secret that talent is a key ingredient to an organization's success. Recruiting the right people, at the right time, on the right channel is critical to finding the right talent. The selection of a proper recruitment solution to assist in your talent acquisition efforts should be a strategic decision. You must ensure that the system fits your organization's needs, offers the appropriate functionality based on those needs, and that your users will adopt the system.

When evaluating a recruitment system, be sure to ask yourself the following:

  1. Is it user-friendly?
    Select a solution that is easy to use for both your employees (recruiters, hiring managers and internal candidates) and your external candidates. The system should be easy to set up, intuitive and require minimal support. Your users don't want a complex recruiting system. Opt for one that is easy to navigate and offers self-explanatory process steps and built-in help.

  2. Does it streamline your processes?
    Your solution should be able to streamline your hiring processes, starting from the creation of a job requisition to hiring the candidate. Hiring managers, recruiters or candidates should be able to easily communicate throughout the process and also access updates without having to contact someone on the HR team.

  3. Is it easily accessible and mobile-enabled?
    In the digital age, you should consider evaluating a SaaS or cloud solution, that offers mobile capabilities so that your employees and candidates have real-time access to information whether it's via desktop, tablet or mobile device - anytime, anywhere. 

  4. Does it offer social networking or job posting capabilities?
    Candidates can easily disconnect from your recruitment system if the call to action is not to apply. They usually prefer to provide minimal information and quickly submit their resume and application. Having your solution integrate with LinkedIn or other social media sites can allow your candidates to quick apply with a few clicks of the mouse. In addition, job posting through social medias can easily attract the candidates. Look for a recruitment system that can easily push your job postings out to job boards and social media sites. This allows for less effort of your recruiting team, and also maximizes visibility of your organization in a seamless effort.

  5. Does it allow you to easily track and manage candidates?
    It's important for hiring managers and recruiters to track and manage the candidates throughout the process. Your solution should have capability to track all the information about the candidate history and current record. Candidates may apply for multiple positions in the organization at the same time. Your system should be capable to track all of the details about the candidate regardless of the position or location that they have applied for. This will also allow your talent acquisition team to not move the same candidate through the process for different positions, and gives visibility into previous applications, interview notes, assessments, offers, etc.

When evaluating a recruitment system, be sure to use these five tips to ensure that your organization is getting the most out of the available technology.

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