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Are you looking to attract the best talent with your career site? Perhaps your current site is in need of a face lift, or you're about to embark on creating a new career site for your organization. What you choose to include or exclude could speak volumes to your potential candidates. Other than well-written job descriptions (which is an important topic that deserves it's own blog post), each component of your career site is instrumental in conveying your brand to attract the highest quality candidates in the market.

We're often asked what the most important elements of a career site are by recruiting teams at organizations that are looking to add a robust job site to their overall talent acquisition strategy. Digging into our 10+ years of implementing leading HR cloud technology solutions, including application tracking systems and career sites, we've put together a list of the top 5 components to include in your job site.

Selecting Images/Videos for a Career Site

Well-selected images and videos can help put a human face to your organization, and give you an opportunity to authentically share what it is like to be part of your team. You can also use videos to give candidates a glimpse of life inside your company. It should go without saying but be sure to use actual photos of your team members and not stock photos that could be used on any number of sites. Be mindful and be sure to represent your diverse teams doing the jobs you want to attract candidates for. Are you a healthcare organization and need to attract nurses or clinical staff? Be sure to show photos/videos of that population.

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Showcase Your Organization's Accolades

What sets your organization apart from others in your industry? Have you won an award (or many awards) for the work you do? Be sure to share those on your career site. Are you a best place to work, or are recognized for something significant? High quality candidates seek out the best companies - showcase that your organization is at the top of it's game and that they would be joining a winning team that will help elevate their skillsets.

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Employee Testimonials

We're a culture that thrives off of reviews, and employee testimonials are a first hand review of your organization. Those of us who are in recruitment can talk about the organization all day and tell what it’s like to be part of the team, but nothing speaks louder than actual people doing the work every day. If I’m applying for a mechanic job, I want to know what the experience is for other mechanics. Obviously, you can’t spotlight every role within the organization but for those you may hire frequently or are generally hard to fill, testimonials could be helpful.

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Highlighting Company Culture

Anytime someone is considering a new job opportunity, they understandably want to know what the culture is like. Candidates want to work for a company that brings out their best traits, inspires them to do their best and provides opportunity for growth. What's it like to work at your company? Is there a work-life balance? Are you a service driven organization who makes it a priority to be involved in the community? Share that information proudly. It may be what sets you apart from another organization the candidate is considering. Candidates want to envision themselves at your organization and how they can make an impact.

Card Rhat Reads Your Culture Is Your Brand

Landing Pages

Landing pages are an essential component for your job site if it has the capability. While landing pages may seem like a marketing topic or term, they are becoming increasingly important to recruiter's marketing strategy. Landing pages can be used via targeted ad or email campaigns to spotlight a specific segment of your business for which you frequently have open positions. Does your organization always have a need for nurses or chefs, for example? Do you have a robust internship program throughout the year and need a place to capture interest from prospective interns? Landing pages can target those specific populations and give candidates an opportunity to submit contact information for your team to follow up on, without having to force the candidate to explore your entire career site and find it themselves. After all, it's all about attracting and engaging candidates and providing the best experience so that they will ultimately apply.

Sample Recruiting Job Site Landing Page

While there are many other things that contribute to a stellar job site, these five (5) elements top our list. Remember, what you design should enhance, not detract, from the message you want to send to candidates. In today's market, candidates have a firm understanding of what they are looking for in their next employer, so use your job site as an opportunity to showcase who you are, what you've accomplished and how your mission and values align to theirs.

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