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If you haven’t heard, the upgrade to SAP SuccessFactors PMv12 acceleration is imminent. While SuccessFactors has pushed the end of maintenance date to the 2018 Q2 release cycle, customers on PMv11, old PM v12 or GM v11 will no longer receive additional functional or feature enhancements. As of the 2015 Q3 release, all functional gaps have been closed, so PMv12 Acceleration is a suitable upgrade for all customers, no matter the complexity of their processes.

Top 3 Reasons for Upgrading to PMv12 Acceleration

  1. You’re missing out on features and functionality

Anyone on PMv11, old PMv12 and GMv11 will no longer see updates and future innovation as development is focused only on PMv12 Acceleration. PMv12 Acceleration offers functionality geared toward a busy manager’s day. For example, with the Get Feedback feature, managers can ask for feedback about anyone on his/her team on the spot and use that feedback to provide well-rounded comments.

2. Think of this as a chance to re-evaluate your process

When you upgrade to PMv12A, you’re starting from scratch with a brand new template. Take this time to think about every aspect of your performance cycle and determine whether any improvements need to be made.

 3. The #1 cause of upgrade frustration is configuration issues

Existing customers can contact SuccessFactors support to enable PMv12 Acceleration in their instance, but it does not include the actual creation of templates or the migration of any existing templates, plans or processes you have used in the past. If your trained system administrator is not comfortable making configuration changes using Admin tools, you may need to engage a partner to assist you. 

Want to know more about PMv12 Acceleration?

View this webinar playback hosted on July 14th: Upgrading to SAP SuccessFactors PM V12 Acceleration, where we discussed the benefits of upgrading, and the necessary steps you need to take to prepare.