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As you navigate the bustling downtown of any large city in the United States, or even globally, you'll notice that it’s hard to go more than 100 feet before the aroma of coffee befriends your senses, wafting in the streets. Of the many locations that serve this caffeinated elixir, one brand consistently reigns supreme. 

Starbucks and their iconic logo have become engrained in the lives of its loyal customers not only as a drink of choice, but as a status symbol.  Like the gasoline retail industry, the coffee industry is highly competitive because there isn’t much that separates the relatively standardized product, right? How is it then that Starbucks has managed to create such an emblematic brand that consumers flock to, for an otherwise marginally differentiated product?

What is the "Starbucks Experience?"

The key to success is what Starbucks calls the “Starbucks Experience,” which allows them to convert a relatively ordinary product into one that is coveted worldwide. The goal of the coffee retailer is to make every customer it serves feel that they are unique and irreplaceable which they manage to do quiet successfully.

In some densely populated areas, there are multiple Starbucks locations on the same block, yet if you ask a local which one is best, they will habitually point you in the direction of the one they feel delivers the best product. How is that patrons can feel so strongly that one Starbucks serves a better product than other Starbucks locations?

What are you really buying?

Store loyalty can’t really be explained under product differentiation since stores are supplied with the same “product.” The discernable difference that allows customers to unequivocally decide which location has the best brew is all in the service and experience you receive at this location. Let’s say for example, you become a regular at a Starbucks; they may begin to know you by name and eventually they might even know your order by heart with all of its idiosyncrasies. This personalized experience increases convenience as well as nurtures the fundamental human desire for favorable personal interaction. If for some reason your usual location messes up your order, you become more compassionate and understand that it is a fluke and think nothing of it. How does this relate to other service providing industries?

AltaFlux is a SAP Consultant firm that specializes in the implementation of SuccessFactors and other integrated cloud based Human Resources solutions. AltaFlux is able to distinguish itself from the competition rich industry of data migration to the cloud by building a rapport with clients and having a very extensive support network. The process of system migration to the cloud can be daunting and with larger firms, the sheer size can carry with it an inherent inertia. This resistance to change is alleviated by the diligence and trust we are able to build with clients. Just like with anything new in life, there will likely be hiccups in the road, but though industry best practices and the support network at AltaFlux, clients always have the option to ask questions and seek guidance wherever needed.

At the heart of many service providing industries, there is a core product that they all have in common. For AltaFlux, it is a cloud system migration tool such as SuccessFactors or Dell Boomi, but at the end of the day however, we are all serving coffee; it’s in the way you serve up that cup of Joe that differentiates you from the competition. Building a relation with clients and achieving operational excellence is of the utmost importance at AltaFlux and is part of our core set of beliefs. So, how will your firm serve up its cup of coffee?

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