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HR Implementation Roadmap

Achieve your goals and maximize user adoption with the right implementation roadmap.

Our roadmap helps determine your total cost of ownership (TCO), an implementation strategy that fits your organization, and the steps required to ensure success.

HR Implementation Roadmap

You’ve decided on a cloud or hybrid approach. Now how do you get there?

Building an implementation strategy isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. In fact, it might feel like hitting the road without a GPS.

To create your roadmap, our team first works with you to help rationalize the TCO and ROI of your on-premise applications vs. transitioning to the cloud.

Creating a roadmap requires a holistic view of your organization, including processes, technologies and people. We then work with you to develop a complete business transformation plan and roadmap to ensure that whatever you do, your new processes and technologies are aligned with your overall corporate objectives and strategies.


Our Implementation Roadmap will give you:

  • Total cost of ownership scenarios
  • Return on investment scenarios
  • A roadmap that identifies a specific set of steps and a high-level project plan to execute before, during and after your implementation

How it works:

Your roadmap lays the foundation for successful business transformation in pursuit of company goals and objectives, and allows you to better mobilize, deliver, and manage the attainment of business value from your implementation.

  1. Establish business objectives and identify technology
  2. Conduct detailed business and technology workshops
  3. Prioritize and align key stakeholders
  4. Build, review and refine roadmap components and dependencies
  5. Present and validate findings


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