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Mandatory Upgrades for SAP SuccessFactors - Are you Prepared?

SAP SuccessFactors will be pushing required upgrades this quarter (Q1-2019) and next (Q2-2019).

Who does this impact?

Clients that have implemented Performance & Goals module (may be prior to 2016), and have not yet upgraded or kept up all the system upgrades and quarterly release updates. 

When do you need these upgrades completed?

No later than May 30, 2019. 

What are the key feature upgrades and their impact?

Goal Management - v11 to v12

  • These mandatory upgrades will be made to all instances currently using GM v11 to GM v12 during the Q1 2019 release.
  • The upgrade to Goal Management v12 includes the Fiori User Interface and will not require any additional configuration changes.

[Q2 Impact] Performance Management - v11 to v12A (aka Performance Management v12 Acceleration)

  • Mandatory upgrades will be made to all instances currently using PM v11 and PM v12 to PM v12A during the Q2 2019 release.
  • Once Performance Management has been upgraded to PM v12A, you will no longer be able to launch forms that were created in the previous versions.
  • The upgrade will only upgrade the instance. You will need to use the Validation Tool within the form template to upgrade the individual templates to PM v12A.

[Q2 Impact] Mandatory Upgrade to Role-Based Permissions

  • The mandatory RBP upgrade must be completed by May 2019.
  • The mandatory upgrade will be made to all instances currently using the legacy permission model during the Q2 2019 release.
  • If you do not upgrade to the RBP permission model before the Q2 2019 release, you will not be able to access your instance until the permissions have been configured in your instance.

While there are plenty of self-service tools available, we understand you have a business to run. Let us help you with our experts.

With multiple upgrade and support experience at hand we're happy to help guide you to ensure your upgrades are quickly done and your HR processes continue to run smoothly. Contact us today!

2019 Mandatory SuccessFactors Upgrades