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Have you heard about blended learning in the workplace? Recent research shows that for the majority of people, it’s the most effective way for them to learn new material because it involves several different methods of teaching. This can include both traditional instruction by a facilitator or teacher combined with various online materials that can be easily accessed through a Learning Management System (LMS). It can also mean combining group learning with individual research. Offering the blended method can be a cost-saver for your company due to less in-hand materials and event coordination. At the same time, it allows for the opportunity to significantly boost employee engagement, if implemented in the right way. Here are three things to know about blended learning:

#1 Measure Success

Measure effectiveness through a Learning Management System. By offering your online learning content through an LMS, you’ll know which individuals have completed which courses, and to what extent they understood the content. Collectively, you can determine whether or not the course or training was successful. If further training is needed, your LMS will let you put those in place quickly.

#2 Offer Flexibility

The whole reason for offering a blended approach to learning is to allow people to engage in their own way, at their own pace. Allow individuals to be in charge of signing up for their own training, and give them the opportunity to complete it where and when they like. This ensures that any on-the-job training or online certification doesn’t interfere with their current workload. Flexible blended learning also empowers individuals, by revealing their strengths and identifying areas to improve.

#3 Stay Engaged

Just as we want learners to be engaged, it is important for teachers, leaders, and facilitators to be as well. Use your Learning Management System to offer a continual funnel of interesting, pertinent, industry-relevant information for employees who want to keep learning and advancing within their career. By keeping a variety of optional opportunities available, the magic of blended learning can become a habit that benefits everyone involved. 

For one of the most effective ways to implement blended learning with an LMS, look to the SuccessFactors Learning module. It easily integrates with any existing systems you may have, and is refreshingly simple to use. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary demo to see how this can be achieved via LMS.

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