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There is no denying that the digital transformation is well underway in HR. It is predicted that by 2020, 44% of all deployments of Human Capital Management (HCM) will be SaaS. Where are you in the transformation process? Do you have a roadmap to get to your end goal?

We work with organizations at different stages of their transformation - those who come to us to begin their transformation and those whose transformation started years ago. What we’ve found is that most organizations ideally want to work with a single vendor for their HR technology needs. Because the HR tech industry is going through such rapid change (and growth), we’ve also discovered that although a single partner is the ideal scenario, it's rare that there is only one vendor in the mix.

Earlier this year we conducted some research and found that while 82% of organizations wanted to work with one vendor, the reality is that 72% of them are currently working with multiple vendors. When HR leaders approach us to help them execute their strategy with technology, we often start discussions with how to consolidate their existing solutions, and propose an implementation roadmap that will enable them to move at the speed of change and quickly realize results.

Our findings also show that most organizations are planning to move at least one HR process to the cloud this year. What proccesses take priority in your transformation? See how you compare to your peers in this infographic that shows the current state of HR’s digital transformation.

2017 HR Survey Infographic

If you're like the organizations in our survey and plan on starting or continuing your HR transformation, we can help you put together the best approachFrom core HR to talent, we know how to marry HR processes and technology so that you can achieve your business goals. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.

To read the full version of the industry report click here.

2017 HR Transformation Survey