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In a rapidly shifting economy, the task of keeping up with market trends seems insurmountable, couple that with evolving technologies that appear to come out daily and it’s easy to see where companies can feel overwhelmed.

One recent term that has been circulation the web is the Cloud, but how many people understand the Cloud and how it can impact your business? Thanks to Apple’s innate visibility in the market, they have used their influence to popularize Cloud technology publicly with their famous iCloud; an online storage that comes integrated with iPhones.  This technology allows users to store images, backs up devices, and even send emails to the cloud which provides more security to ensure data is never lost permanently. ICloud also allows the user to access their data from anywhere in the world with a simple internet connection. So there are obvious benefits to users, but where does this fit into business?

Staying connected with clients, business partners and employees has never been as crucial as it is today. Ever since the internet was implemented into the business world, companies were forced to look forward and had no time to look back. Today, business is on the cusp of a similar revolution that is changing the very way information is stored and shared. Cloud technology has a vast breadth of implications that can suit nearly every aspect of business. Cloud technology comes in all shapes in sizes from cloud computing power and storage to transforming Human Resources into a real-time and comprehensive system. Obviously, Cloud technology is king when it comes to versatility, but where does it stand regarding improve a firm’s bottom line?

Because the diversity of products offered in Cloud services for firms is so immense, there are endless ways to reduce operating expenses while immersing users into a thoroughly comprehensive experience. Cloud software embodies flexibility and scalability that is crucial for continued growth. This technology also allows firms to increase productivity and be collaborative across departments. In fact, in an Infographic highlighted in  a column published by Forbes Technology entitled Roundup Of Small & Medium Business Cloud Computing Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2015, that stated that “82% of companies have saved on costs by utilizing cloud technology in their business.”  

Where and when should you start implementing Cloud solution?

The time is now, so seize the day! With all the challenges facing firms today, volatility in the market can be mitigated through the integration in the cloud. Top software and Cloud Solution provider such as SAP, are leading the way in current cloud technology. One big area where this technology can impact your firm’s profitability is Human Capital Management (HCM). Empowering employees to stay connected is the very foundation of your human capital management and through the implementation of industry-leading SAP SuccessFactors package, your HR department will be driven by efficiency, flexibility and scalability. This process can be daunting. However, AltaFlux an SAP Gold Partner and SAP Recognized Expertise in HR Solutions has industry leading experts that will help guide you through the steps and find you the level of SAP SuccessFactors implementation that is perfect for you.

AltaFlux’s goal is to implement solutions that will help to grow in efficiency and be adaptable in shifting markets, while empowering your employees stay informed. At AltaFlux, we work with you and want to grow alongside you to help your company adjust alone the way. The legacy way of paper-based data management and Human Resource Management is a way of the past. Cloud-based HR and talent management services offer vast improvements while delivering flexibility to stay ahead of the competition.

The Implementation of SuccessFactors is a step in the right direction to ensure your firm remains competitive as the Cloud Revolution blossoms into fruition. For more information about the passionate team or what we do here at Altaflux, visit our about page and get to know us more here. If you like our posts, please subscribe and share or like it for others to see.

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