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SAP SuccessFactors solutions provide key HR and IT decisions makers with the tools they need to identify and reduce unconscious bias where may occur throughout the employee lifecycle. SuccessFactors can not only help leadership see and understand diversity, but also enable them to make better decisions that cultivate a diverse and inclusive workforce.

As a potential or existing SAP SuccessFactors customer, you can focus on detecting and preventing unconscious bias where it occurs, and by leveraging the modules that you have invested in, with an eye to how you can grow within the solution. Here are some best practices and strategies for success in each key HR area:

Employee Management

  • Apply localization features to provide HR solutions that align with an employees' language, culture and preferences
  • Use flexible demographic categorization to broaden the range of terms employees can use to self-select
  • Include contingent and nontraditional laborers with the organizational charts and structure feature


  • Use team compensation-ratio overviews to highlight inequities
  • Base pay on company averages, not former salary, and link pay to performance
  • Calculate pay increases by using absolute values instead of percentages which can exacerbate previous bias


  • Apply flexible, self-service features to help ensure the use of inclusive messages and images on career sites with the career-site builder functionality
  • Improve job board ROI, track leads for your most qualified candidates, and monitor the progress of open jobs with recruiting-sourcing reports
  • Conduct gender bias scans to identify and recommend language placements in job descriptions and attract a gender-balanced applicant pool by using the job analyzer
  • Acquire wage recommendations based on machine learning analysis of salary data and the degree of difficulty to fill roles with the salary analysis tool in the job analyzer
  • Use interview central to create a panel of interviewers that have the job-relevant information to make an informed, accurate decision about candidate fit


  • Provide inclusive learning and development opportunities on the go with a mobile learning management system (LMS)
  • Offer courseware on supportive supervision, accurate performance assessment, and skills for working beyond unconscious bias
  • Deliver inclusive learning options to meet the needs and learning styles of a diverse and inclusive workplace


  • Build inclusive and engagement onboarding experiences to help develop employees from the first entry point to your organization
  • Use "new-hire buddy" and "people you should meet" features to help ensure new hires access the connections they need to succeed with ease.
  • Help ensure everyone has mobile access to a comprehensive human experience management (HXM) suite

Performance & Goals

  • Help managers craft equitable and actionable feedback with a writing assistant and coaching advisor
  • Promote more frequent, job-related feedback based on accomplishments with continuous performance management
  • Reduce the influence of individual manager bias using 360 reviews
  • Adopt photoless calibration with a gender summary view to highlight possible bias in performance ratings
  • Surface potentially biased performance decision-making with bias alerts, including:
    1. Performance reduction after leave of absence
    2. Dramatic reduction in performance rating for certain demographics
    3. Consistent denial of promotion


  • Connection people across the company and support inclusive employee resource groups
  • Collect feedback on the types of learning and development that would be most engagement to employees
  • Encourage employee contributions and feedback, either directly or anonymously through a polling functionality

Succession & Development

  • Help ensure mentors and mentees are matched on desired skills, capabilities and experiences, not on demographic similarity, by mentoring with career development capabilities
  • Apply employee profile and career development capabilities to allow employees to indicate their interests, achievements, and development goals and self-select into developmental opportunities

Workforce Analytics & Reporting

  • Visualize and forecast diversity trends with ease by using the investigative feature of workforce analytics
  • Adopt benchmarks to compare internal diversity data to external metrics within your industry, location, or other groupings
  • Use the diversity template to report of metrics that matter most with the click of a button
  • Deploy an analytics dashboard and highlight critical diversity metrics
  • Push relevant diversity data out to managers' home pages
  • Deliver process-relevant data to the point of decision through analytics embedded throughout the HXM suite

The increasing importance that diversity and inclusion requires companies to move beyond bias. As a SuccessFactors client, you have the ability to execute a more equitable, inclusive HR strategy in which all the best talent can thrive, starting with the tips listed within this blog. Whether you start small, the important thing is that you start, and remember to constantly and consistently re-evaluate as your solution and company grows.

Continue the conversation: Still not sure where to start? Schedule a call with our team and we'll walk through your existing solution and make recommendations on where you can begin your journey leveraging quick wins from our client base and SAP best practices. We look forward to connecting with you!

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