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LI SFSF Product Update

Comparing SAP SuccessFactors Professional Edition (PE) and Enterprise Edition

One of the common questions that we answer from small enterprise clients is what's the difference between SAP SuccessFactors Professional Edition ...
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What is SuccessFactors Variable Pay?

The Definition of Variable Pay Variable Pay is a type of employee compensation that varies, as opposed to salary, which is paid in equal proportions ...

The Cost of Getting Compensation Management Wrong

Without the proper guidance, it’s easy to get compensation management wrong. And when this happens, the damaging results to your company and its ...
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6 Secrets to Using Compensation and Benefits to Win the War for Talent

When it comes to attracting the best and brightest talent for your company, compensation and benefits are your secret weapons. But what are the best ...
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5 Trending Topics in Compensation & Benefits

As important as it is, compensation & benefits is an ever-changing topic. Not only does marketplace worth and salary information ebb and flow with ...

3 Reasons You Should Implement Compensation Management Software

If you’ve landed here to learn about compensation management software, then chances are good that you’ve got your compensation strategy 101 down pat. ...

Compensation Strategy 101: What It Is & How to Create an Effective One

Compensation strategy is a critical component of your overall HR strategy. It's important to have one that works for both your organization as well ...
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17 Commonly Used Terms in SuccessFactors Compensation

New to HR or compensation? Have no fear. We've compiled a list of high-level compensation terms for you to review. Be sure to bookmark this page as a ...
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